Review Haiku

Japanese master of poetry, Issa (1763-1825), joins our staff this issue to review books, computer games, movies, and stuff the best way he knows how: through the minimalist beauty of the Haiku.

VIRTUAL LIGHT-- Novel by William Gibson

Is this the same guy
Who wrote us Neuromancer?
Leaves flutter in wind

LOS ANGELES-- American city

Annoying movies
Why don't people buy my script?
City falls into sea

"Alternative" Music-- Radio format

If they sell millions
Is it still "Alternative"?
Groupies fall from sky

FROG BOG-- Video game for the Intellivision

Dueling frogs eat bugs.
Hop! Hop! Excellent gameplay!
4-bit graphics rock!

MORTAL KOMBAT-- Movie by New Line Cinema

Fighting little guys
Based on bloody game for kids
Kapow! Fall on floor.

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Ooze #6 ----- Fall '95

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