Course Catalog Additions for Semester A

AMCL 134a. Gilligan's Island: Icons of a Generation (4 Credits)
This class will explore the philosophical [If the Professor was so smart, why couldn't he get them off the island?] and physical [If it was a three-hour tour, why did they have so many clothes and furniture with them?] questions behind this American classic. Is the island a microcosm of society? The class will trace the development of Gilligan as Ubermensch. From the early black and white days to Gilligan's Planet we'll examine the show's impact and enduring influence on post-modern society. Field trips to the GIlligan's Island pinball machine at the Goofy Golf.
Instructor-- Mr. Winnipeg.
Open to all classes

ASTR 386b. The Earth Is Flat (2 Credits)
Learn how us astronomers have been pulling the wool over the eyes of the public for 400 years. In this course we will learn how to properly traverse the rectangle without falling off, as so many do in the course of a year.
Insrtuctor-- Ms. Allah.
Open to freaks and deviants.

VICT 205a 19th Century Victorian Undergarments In 20th Century Short Stories (7 Credits)
The corset, the garter belt, the bustle and the bustier all had a profound influence on the modernist movement of the early 20th century. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, King, and Seuss all have sublimated references to these garments in their texts and their wardrobes. Explore this exciting world as we try on each of these items, culminating in literary reading/fashion show second semester.
Instructor-- Mr. Blackwell.
Open to sophomores under 5'8".

POLI 100a. Intro to Assassination (1 Credit)
This course is an examination of this popular method of control, with a hands-on emphasis. A study of the major assassins of our time, the methods they used, and the people they killed. Film Screenings include Rosemary's Baby, JFK, and The Ghost and Mister Chicken. Readings include The Catcher In The Rye as well as selections from Anton LeVay. Students are encouraged to create a final project that might include a coup, death of a popular entertainer, or an original research paper.
Instructor-- Mr. Chapman.
Fulfills requirement as a Freshman Course in Mathmatics.

CNSR 105. Consumer Studies: The Wealth and Wonder of K-Mart (3 Credits)
A historical study, from it's foundings as "Kresgees" to it's present empire. Aspects of the course include: proper aisle placement, K-Mart geography, and comparisons to Bradlees and Caldors. Explore the Polynesian Island where the fabled "blue light" was first discovered. Discover why K-mart is the only department store that employs a maitre d'. Are the insides of the gumball machines ever cleaned?
Instructor-- Ms. Wanfoerd
Open only to Seniors who want to pick up cute freshmen.

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