Products Pushed By Other Community Groups When you think of the Girl Scouts, you immediately picture wholesome girls going door-to-door, selling their bodies to the highest bidder. The less delusional think of them selling their scrumptious cookies. Why, who doesn't enjoy delving into a fine box of Fudgepacked Nuttermint Supremes?

We've assembled a list of lesser-known products sold by other community groups who hope to create their own merchandising empire. Keep your eyes peeled for these pretenders to the cookie throne:

teeth.gif American Legion Wooden Dentures

Indian Guides' Guide to Native American Casinos and Bingo Halls

Shriner's Used, Subcompact Cars

Ku Klux Klan Fried Clams on a Bun

Little League "I-Hate-Asian-Ballplayers" Bumper Stickers

4-H Club Fur Pelts

St. Mary of the Blessed Virgin Holy Water Pellegrino

Campfire Girls' Old Crusty Smores

PTA Grab Bag of Confiscated Drugs

Jehovah Witness' Witness Protection Program

Rotary Club Spare Tires

Roaming Gypsies' Tips For Young Pickpockets

Kiwanas Club Iguanas

Boy Scouts' Guide to Dating Older Men

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Crotchless Panties

Little People of America's Collapsible Footstools

High School Choir "Instant Soprano" Home Castration Device

Future Business Leaders Of America Brown-Nose Make-Up kit

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Commemorative Shotglasses

My Great-Grandfather    The Hawaiian Hoax
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