touchbsee.gif Anyone can promote the ingestion of Ooze in a variety of ingenious ways. Tell us how you promoted Ooze, and the best entry will receive a free Ooze T-shirt! Here's an example to get you started:

On August 20, 1996 at 4:20 pm, someone sent an Instant Message to Editor Ed through AOL. If a random encounter like this occurs to you, follow Editor Ed's example and promote the Word Of Ooze to the masses!

CireSage: Hi, do you remember me? I'm in Reno.
Caligula: No, but do you play keno?
CireSage: How is the weather in Sacremento today?
Caligula: I'm not in Sacramento and I don't know who you are. So, how about them Catholics?
CireSage: Sorry. Wrong person
Caligula: Mmmm... I love lamb's blood!
CireSage: okay goodbye
Caligula: Ta ta! Be sure to check out ooze at!
CireSage: Leave me alone!

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You automatically "win" if you enclose a check for $12.97 and send it to:

Matt Patterson
c/o Ooze
968 Tularosa Dr. #2
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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