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Star Wars or your SOUL?

This is an Ooze Magazine Production
The following is but a tiny fraction of the letters we recieved about our The Force=Satan Homepage. If you are comming here from that page, I have to let you in on a secret... it's a joke. It sort of ruins it that I have to spell it out for you, but I need to cut down on my hate mail. Ooze is a Humor Magazine. Read about our real live protest of Star Wars on Ooze. We also wrote a book called, "THE FINGER: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO FLIPPING OFF". Check out our companion website. that explains it all. Help us supress the Evil of Star Wars!


Thank you very much for your ridiculous letter. I must say, I have NEVER, in MY ENTIRE LIFE, read anything so pitiful. From reading your letter, it seems that not only are you some strange sort of Jesus freak, but you are also an ANTI-SEMETIC as well! Hmm, let me quote you here:

>>>The Jewish George Lucas is telling us Christians that God isn't good enough and wants us to believe in a higher secular human force. Tell that to Jesus, George!<<<<

Oh yeah, I see what you mean. Those evil JEWS are polluting our minds! (I was being sarcastic, by the way, I know you have no sense of HUMOR) Come on! Get a life! Star Wars is not a tool of satan, it is simply a wonderful movie, a fairy tale that pits good versus evil in a wonderful setting that will always have a special place in American culture.

It's jerks like you that give all Christians a bad name. By trying to push your strange ideas on others, you only serve to enrage and disgust them. I have no problem with you believing whatever you want, but please, keep it to yourself, there's no need to spew your garbage on the rest of us!

I will be forwarding your ridiculous letter to a Star Wars mailing list I am a proud member of, and you can expect to receive MANY irate letters from other Star Wars fans!

By the way, Return of the Jedi is NOT coming out March 7, it has been rescheduled to come out on March 14. Also, I plan to go to the Mann Chinese Theater to see it, and I am sincerely asking you to NOT be there, I would like to enjoy this wonderful movie in peace. By the way, tell Jesus I said hi.

[in a message dated a day later:]

Attention Star Wars haters!

I wrote to you a little while ago, and I thought I'd add something.

The Star Wars pictures on your horrible homepage are COPYRIGHTED. If you don't understand what this means, and if Jesus is not available to explain it to you (he's busy, I know...), let me explain. Lucasfilm LTD. has ownership rights that prohibit you from DEFILING them, or in some cases, even SHOWING them at all on your page! Many fans show pictures, but because these are part of TRIBUTES, Lucasfilm takes no action. Because your page is such an INSULT, Lucasfilm could in fact take action against you! Be warned! Well, I just thought I'd let you know about the sin you are committing, and that you just might burn in hell for this. I've also informed Geocities of this problem. Have a nice day! (Ben Arden)

Actually Geoerge Lucas used the Force as a metaphor for what people could accomplish if they put their mind to it. The Force represents our own inner strength. It's not meant to replace God. It merely suggests we should rely upon our own strengths before troubling a God with our insignificant mortal needs. a/ (a/parker)

What is the FORCE? The FORCE is an energy field that flows through all living things from the CENTER of the Universe. What is the CENTER of the Universe? Perhaps it is God. Maybe the power to touch the FORCE comes from God. Maybe Star Wars is just another way of interpreting the Bible, kinda like the Narnia Chronicles. There is the Light Side of the Force, the power from God, and the Dark Side, the power of Satan. As Obi-Wan and Yoda taught Luke, the Dark Side is easy and seductive, whereas the Light Side leads to a better Peace (Eternal Life through Christ).

I think that before you pass judgment on something you should either experience it yourself, or learn more about it. People are born, inherit the power to touch the FORCE, so you probably wont be able to experience it for yourself, but if you would like to try feel free to check out my website Or, if you would like to hear more about my interpretation, e-mail me at Creel)

You guys have way too much time on your hands... (David Fulmer)

With all do respect I think your making way to much out of this. I am a Christian and can't see the problem with Star Wars. I agree that anything, and I mean anything, can be taken to far. However watching a movie or story that deals with the stuff that Star Wars deals with can be rebutted for the good of God. Bending it to sound satanic could just scare people who needn't be scared.

Now I don't have a problem with telling people about Jesus but what you are doing are driving people away. You sound like a fanatic. Take this scenario for a rebuttal to the Force a tool of Satan. The Force is described as an energy field that surrounds us and binds the universe together. If you want to make spiritual significance of this then it make it this way. The Force itself is divided into the Light and Dark sides. Therefore God and Satan. Yoda being a demonstration of the good side or a representative of God. He never claims to be God himself. In fact he acknowledges the Force is greater then even he. You see the peace, and serenity that comes with the light side of the Force. He leads and guides but never forces Luke to follow. The Emperor or Darth Vader is examples of the Dark side of the Force or your "demons". They show the quick and easy route delivers power or gratification immediately but it will destroy you from the inside out. Literally consumes you. Quite an accurate representation of Satan. Vader in the end repents and returns to the good side of the Force. What a model for anyone who's soul is currently lost.

The use of the force for telekinetics is used by both sides of the Force. The Dark side uses it to attack and harm. The light side uses it for knowledge and healing. I don't like to quote from the Bible as used in this context but you force it. The Bible says that "All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me." It doesn't say everything but telekinetics. Jesus walked on water and Moses split the Red Sea, much more dramatic then merle lifting objects with the Force. Saying the name Luke is blasphemous is positively ridiculous. Simply because a disciple of Jesus was named Luke by no means makes it a holy name. Lucas didn't after all name them Jesus and Lucifer. R2D2 is the silent god BAAL. Come on this is really pushing it. You are simply looking for a story in the Bible that shows something bad. There are no similarities what so ever. You'd be better off picking C-3PO because at least the Ewoks worshipped him (didn't mean to give you any ideas).

Saying that "The Jewish George Lucas is telling us Christians that God isn't good enough and wants us to believe in a higher secular human force. Tell that to Jesus,George!" is worded pretty funny and is patently wrong. First off, Lucas' Star Wars teaches that the Force is the only all present Force in the universe and as I have demonstrated above that would be God and Satan. Therefore by no means does he put a human above God. Secondly stating "The Jewish George Lucas...." is interesting. Do you have a problem with Jews. The entire basis of our religion is a Jew. You (and I) worship a Jew. That was his chosen people. I watch yourself when messing with Jews.

Finally this seventh seal nonsense you've concocted. If you are going to link Star Wars to the end of the world you are a bit more fanatical then I gave you credit for. First, there are no plans, I repeat no plans for part 7 of the trilogy to be released. I know you watched the fun yellow words at the beginning, have made yourself a Star Wars expert and using that to deal with the new movies soon to be released. My suggestion is that you get the facts straight. The new movie is a PREquil. That means it is part 1 not 7. Blows your whole 7th seal issue right out of the water.

In closing, If you this much extra time on your hands go post somewhere where it is needed. Try (I don't even know if that is real) or some other anti-Christian site. Leave JediNet and any other Star Wars sites alone as every, and I mean every person I ever met who deals with Star Wars, though they may not be Christians have been decent people (I'm sure there are jerks out there somewhere). I don't believe that harassing people about your religion through this method does any good. So have a nice day and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! C)

Q. Why would you send a Star Wars hating email to an extreme Star Wars fan?
A. You are so extremely stupid that you don't even know what your doing!!

i have read your literature. You have absolutely no idea what your talking about. You act as though people actually have converted from Christianity to Star Warsism. If name a character Luke is blasphemous, then i soppose the millions of people with Biblical names who saw or worked on the movies has commited blasphemy. You mention that the 7th seal is the 7th movie, THERE ISN'T GOING TO BE A 7TH MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY 6. If you actually believe that a nonexistant, made-up, thing such as the Force is a tool of satan, then you have got serious mental problems

this response was written by a Christian.

One flaw [with your parody]-- the sort of Christians who go one about Satanic influences in movies, etc, are *not* the same sort who join anti-semetic "Christian Identity" movements. The sort you are trying to imitate are very careful to not be *overtly* anti-semitic;they view the Jews and the security of the Israeli nation as essential to the second coming and think that most Jews can still be saved. (My uncle, formerly Jewish, converted to the very strain of the 'faith' you are satirizing)

Please remember, there as much variety among right-wing loonies as there is among left-wing loonies. You wouldn't confuse a Maoist with a Ecofeminist -- don't confuse Charismatic Fundementalists with Christian Identity types.

Otherwise, good stuff. I suspect most people will be taken in, which only serves your purpose of mocking the Religious Reich. Good on you! (lizard)

I found your page relatively interesting. I was somewhat disappointed when I discovered that I had read the majority of it before in a letter you sent to the E-zine incarnation of FILM THREAT. And after viewing your homepage I felt compelled to respond to you. I am a film student, and suprisingly I'm not the biggest fan of star wars around. It's a good movie and all but it has led to a trend in hollywood of movies the sacrifice plot and characters for SFX, but I digress. I agree that star wars is a thinnly disguised metaphor for the new age movement. The force can easily be related to the yin-yang (which is also a symbol of the new age). However, I fear you went drastically overboard in your claims that George Lucas/Star Wars are the anti-christ. The so called christian coalition constantly is an a ruckus about some aspect of hollywood. And it is usually over the lack of quality family viewing material. You may not see Star Wars as that film...but what would you rather families across america be watching with their children Natural Born Killers, or Star Wars. I firmly believe in two things:
1.) That everyone is entitled to believe anyway they choose, just as long as it does not infringe upon someone else's right's. (which you are doing by condemning star wars...if you don't like it don't watch it)
2.) and removing rights from others is the worst thing you can do because in the end you are taking away your own rights. remember that next time you find something to cry out against and next time why don't you focus on the excessively prevalent themes of the new age in the lion king...or other disney movies.
anthony fleming (

I think you people need to step back and realize that MOVIES ARE NOT REAL. It is an epic saga not unlike Beowulf or Paradise Lost. I believe in God and Jesus, but what you are saying is insane. I don't see any Star Wars fans moving things with their minds or changing people's thoughts with "The Force". It is fiction, while religion is not. You are making fools out of yourselves by attacking a fictional motion picture. If you know something I don't know about the existence of "Yoda" or Darth Vader, give me some more info. Otherwise, open your eyes and see that the only people that take the movie that seriously is you. (Barlow/Weiss)

I think you are taking this movie way to seriously. Anyone who would let their religious beliefs be directed by a film doesn't have a lot of conviction anyway. Your protest may do more harm than good by actually advertising THE FORCE as some sort of alternative religion...which I don't think the makers of the movie or the general public intended. I think at best the makers of the film tried to bring into the film an element of divine intervention not separate from widely recognized monotheism. I'm particularly appalled by your racist comments toward the director which seems hateful and not Christian.

Can you really expect to believe that Star wars is about Satan? Give me a break. Its just a movie. Next thing you know, you'll tell me that Buck Rogers is a form of Satanism too. Matter of fact why don't you go and check out Battle Star Gallactica and read up on that.... there are Religous overtones in there too.....

I visited your web page and am absolutely astonished that you are serious. I too was at Mann's Chinese theatre on Feb. 21, and did not see you there (I was there from 4:30 till 10:30--to see the 10:30 showing of Empire). And, strangely enough, I was there with the college fellowship group from my church.

But instead of telling people they are going to hell, that the Force is a tool of Satan, we sat in line and talked with people--even sang a couple of praise and worship songs. You do more to ridicule Christianity than bring people to Christ. Jesus talked with sinners, he listened to sinners (Zaccheus) and never ridiculed them--the only people he ever ridiculed were the San Hedrin and those desecrating the temple.

Star Wars is a fairy tale, like Snow White, or The Chronicles of Narnia. That is what George Lucas said. He has no desire to make anyone a believer in the Force--he himself does not believe it (read the biography "Skywalking"--he even ridiculed Francis Ford Coppola for wanting to make a religion of it).

Find something better to do with your time, to truly further the kingdom of God. I'll be there again on March 14th for the opening night of Jedi. I hope not to see you there... (Jonathan A. Watson)

Your statements about the "force" everwhere borders on panthesism. Question: your belief that God resides in all of us - how do you substantiate this Biblically?

Dear Dr. Bubonic,
You certainly are confused. The Force is a metaphor for the ultimate human potential we all share. Obi Wan and Yoda both remind Luke not to give in to hatred. A lesson YOU still need to learn. "May The Force be with You." is another way of saying "May God be with You." That is all it is. Do not be confused about the intention just because the word "God" does not appear. Even the Pope does not speak of "God"; he says "Dio" which MEANS God in Italian, just as "The Force" means God in an imaginary world somewhere in our collective consciousness. You may think you are doing the right thing, but take a moment to stop and FEEL what you are doing. Are you spreading Love like Jesus Christ taught us, or are you spreading anger, separation and fear. Listen to your true feelings. They are God's way of talking to you. By the way I do agree with something on your insane page; Jesus IS the Force. If you truely believe that Jesus IS the Force, then maybe you should follow his example.

If you would like to try some acceptance please read my essay "A Way to The Force" at (Garret J. LoPorto)

Are you for real, you neurotic imbred assholes? I normally would'nt resort to such name calling, but your ignorant "Heaven's Gate-esque", babbling has angered me.

I apologize for all the little girls that bullied you around in high school and the fact that your mother would lock the two of you in a dark closet together when she had "Male Visitors" over, buit those things are not excuse for your slanderous comments on a very uplifting classic (or the things the two of you did in the closet together)

I would tell you that I would pray for you but you've more than likely already taken your sleeping pills and vodka and are riding your U.F.O back to Heaven.
Marc ( Panther Chapman University Student Newspaper)

Please, if you wish to minister to people, choose to preach about those things that truly ruin one's life. Drug abuse, ignorance, self-pity, immorality, and hatred. Until such time no one will view your work as legitimate and you will be relegated to the fringe of religion with groups like the Doomsday Cult, of recent news stories. Fiction is not reality, and anyone of even meager intellegence can distinguish between the two. If you want to save people, go to the Sunset Strip, North Hollywood, or some other area where people are doing drugs and prostituting and help lead these people down the right path and help them save their lives and their souls.
barb gregerson (

Stupid motherfucker shut this shit down and take your fucking Jesus with you, stupid motherfucker. (Daniel Wiberg)

You have got to be kidding me. How can you say that a movie like Star Wars is even remotely evil? I have been around the bin a couple of times and I have dabled in the darker side of reality, but I have never been influenced by Star Wars in any way. It is simply a movie. And a very well made one at that. How can you say that Yoda is a representaion of God unless that is how you feel for him yourself. If it is well more power to you. This at least America is somewhat still a free country.

Oh bye the way don't you know Judge not lest ye be judged. Condemn not lest ye be condemned. Forgive an dye shall be forgiven.

All I have to say is that this page you have created is a complete farse. I t is only an attempt at more than likely putting a little bit excitement back into your more than likely DULL life.

Here is a hint to you. remove your site.

Oh yeah may God bless you! (and forgive you for the judgement you have put on others.) Why don't you just pray about it and maybe it will all go away.

Your brother in Christ,
John W. Ezell (

That is the thinnest bunch of crap Ive ever heard. I hope to God that that web page is some kind of sick joke, cause if it aint, you need to seek serious mental help. I got about 50 things that came to mind when I read that page, but not a one of them connected Star Wars to evil or the devil. They all involed you being a sociopath.

Luke & Mortimer,
The reality is that all Science Fiction will most likely have New Age impressed in it. My youth leader told me this after I watched a video on the subject. I know for a fact that my youth leader is strong in his walk with the Lord, he also, like most people, enjoys Star Wars. But, you, I believe, have gone a little to far. You don't have that strong a testimony and you are already protesting and calling people whores and anti-christs. Let me tell you one thing, that is NOT going to gain peoples attention very long. It is even turning people off to Jesus. Instead of protesting, pray for the people in the theater and ask them questions about the movie. People think twice about their faith when you ask questions. Believe me, I live in Utah. Also, get a copy of Gods of the New Age, and remember people won't remember what you say as much as what you do.
In the words of NEWSBOYS, "Let's take 'em to our leader", (Rev Vikki)

IN response to your recent SATANIC and BLASPHEMOUS creation.... You cannot even begin to justify that Star Wars, George Lucas or any related item is evil or satanic. Your false believes of what a god (notice the non capital g) should and should not be are frightening. Choosing to attack this movie is an attack on any single individual with free thought. I don't care if you like star wars, the bible, corn beef and cabbage, or mastrubation...the fact that you are preaching is evil.

Humankind, is just that...HUMAN. We were not created by one all powerful being, we are evolved from different organisms. The evolutionary chain and the theory of evolution present the development of humankind and fact. Someone once told me that you can't believe everything that you read...well some people do and that scares me. Science Fiction is just that, fiction, not truth...and all texts have ficticious elements in them. To me the bible is just one big book full of special effects imagined up by a cult of fanatics, which unfortuately spread their beliefs all over the world.

Sure there might be a more powerful FORCE in the universe.....George Lucas' force is based on a Far East discipline known as AKIDO.

Give me a break, if you are going to pursue something, pursue something like helping out an endangered species, missing children, rainforest endangerment, animal rights, or poverty....I would think that YOUR god WOULD LIKE HELPING OTHERS BETTER THAN DAMNING OTHERS. MAY SOME KIND OF FORCE BE WITH YOU... (Robert E. Beasley)

I think you have every right to believe that STAR WARS is a bad thing, so I'll keep this short. However, you seem to be blindly falowing *your* religon without ever stopping to think. Isn't that what you say *we* are doing? What prouf do you have that this all-powerful "god" is real?
~Jaina Solo~ ( of Han and Leia Solo)

Listen here, you piece of crap, I am a good christian as well as a big Star Wars fan and I'm sure when George Lucas first thought of SW he had no intentions of being anti-christian. Remember this story takes place "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." More than likely the people living in this galaxy have a different religion than you or me. And how dare you write and say crap like that is in your page about those actors and actresses, they're all very nice people, especially George Lucas. Just read what your writing, stupid crap about the Jewish, you sound like Hitler.The priest at my church is star wars fan too that's because it's just a story, a fairy tale. So back off. In your web pages you say "us" christians. I say speak for yourself! (Brian Arnell)

From a message forwarded around the internet:

 Hello, I have sent this letter to all that I have recieved e-mail from, well at least 98%, I was recently looking for Star Wars pages on the internet when I came across this page.
This page is made by a christian somebody who is trying to convince people that Star WArs, the greatest movie of all time, is satanic. He goes through rambleings and twisting words from the movie and then twisting other words from other sources to make it sound satanic. Not only does he say these outlandish things but he goes on to take pictures from the movies and edit them so the look like the devil. I would not be writing this if I felt this person was just making a comedy page making fun of Star Wars. THIS PERSON IS SERIOUS. After I am finished writing this I will write an e-mail to him telling him how wrong he is and that he obviously doesnt truelly understand the movies or else he would not say that. Please tell me what you think. Maybe I went a little over oard but this guy has to be a complete idiot. (Reupert G)

okiz let's start with YOU'RE WACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a fanatic moron cause yoda is not using telekenise, but THE FORCE. and if you would think (what you obviously can't) is that Satan is just one way of the force to say: "hey i'm here and i'm important!!!"

by the way your God doesn't exist and your Satan doesn't either.... cause it's all a battle between good and evil in the kind of light and dark.... so the grand God Luxor will reign upon every thing what does not please him. And I can assure you IT WON'T BE AFTER THE SEVENTH MOVIE of Starwars.... if Starwars didn't please him he would of struck lucas down at the first movie.....

Come to think of it how is it that you know such things about Yoda and Obi Wan if the movie is such a deeply God unholy thing...?

Well I hope for you you've seen the light, cause if you didn't you will end up with Rampic the deamonite God (and lett me assure you, Satan is nothing compared to Rampic!!!!!!!!!) you are very disturbed with the whole world, eh? -666- (haywire)

Subject: Rot in Hell
You guys are in big trouble now. Only about 99.9% of people online think Star Wars is a great movie. Also the Internet has the lowest percentage of people who are religious. Not only that you insulted one of the biggest names in the movie industry (also holds the copyright to Star Wars and has the power to remove YOUR page).

I proudly sign my name to this document to protest the anti-semanticists. Oh yeah almost forgot, "May the Force be with you" (Bryan D. Hunt)

Dear Extreme Fundamentalist Christians...

Just a note on your web site dedicated to Star Wars. Ever heard the word 'Fiction'? That is what Star Wars is.
Also, think about this. How many people has Star Wars killed in reality? How many wars has Star Wars created in reality? None. Now, how many people's death have been 'in the name of the Bible'? How many wars have been started by Christianity in general? Think about it. (Lyn Amoore)

I think that Star Wars is a massive cover up for the true evil trilogy- the Indiana Jones series. In these movies, Indiana searches for the Ark of the Covenant (or something) in Raiders of the Lost Ark, seeks out child sacrificing monsters in Temple of Doom, and seeks to steal and destroy the Holy Grail in the Final Crusade. Sort of makes Star Wars like angelic doesn't it. And have you seen Harrison Ford's ass- it's devilishly gorgeous.

It gives me all sorts of impure thoughts. Hey, let's have a book burning party at my place.

Hey...doesn't this make the Emperor an agent of Jesus Christ?

In Luke 11:18, Jesus says, "And if Satan is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand?"

In Mark 3:26, Jesus says, "And if Satan has risen up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand; that is the end of him."

In Matthew 12:26, Jesus says, "And if Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself; how, then, will his kingdom stand?"

In Mark 9:40, Jesus says, "Whoever is not against us is with us."

In Luke 9:50, Jesus says, "Whoever is not against you is for you."

Obviously, then, if Luke Skywalker is an enemy of the Emperor, then the Emperor is not allied with Satan, but Jesus.

And the Emperor is slain by a traitor (Vader), and in the "Dark Empire" comics the Emperor is ressurected in a new, healthy body. Maybe the Emperor is supposed to be a symbol of Jesus Christ!

The entire trilogy of Lucas's, then, is designed to denounce Christianity. Keep up the good protests!

BTW, in Pat Robertson's book "The New World Order", there are some good anti-Star Wars lines...too bad Satan made my copy of the book burst into flames. But there was something about the animal-like aliens being a front for the animal rights movement which is a front for an animistic religion. (Steven Ehrbar)

Please tell me you are kidding about this Star Wars Satan stuff. First of all, you mis-spelled Obi-Wan's name. Obi-Wan Kenobi, not Obi-Wann Karboi. Nothing looks worse than someone protesting who hasen't done his homework.

Second, you call Princess Leia a whore. You also call Ewoks anti-apostles. Why? You don't back it up with anything. Also, is Luke the anti-Christ or Satan? Or do you consider those the same?

Third, you keep saying that Star Wars is just a movie, Jesus is reality. Really? I was under the impression that Christianity was a belief, and you have to believe in Jesus. Star Wars actually IS reality though, even though it is just a movie. The Force is a made up concept for the movie, and you are just assuming it is replacing religion. Not only that, but you are a biget too, calling George Lucas "Jewish George Lucas." Christians are supposed to be kind and loving to all creatures, no matter what religion they are. You sound like a damn nazi.

Fourth, and finally, how can you say you believe in demons? Have you ever seen one? Further, how can you say you believe in Jesus when you have no proof? Oh, wait, you have to have faith. Hmmm. Maybe that's what the people who believe in the Force have. Faith. Not in the Force, per say, but in another power. Just because someone doesn't believe in Jesus as Lord or whatever doesn't mean they are a bad person. I mean, religion, as far as I've seen, is a money-hungry, fear-inducing, horrible thing which teaches humans to hate each other. It's just a book, you know. The Bible. Someone wrote it. How do you know it's not fiction?

I suggest you re-think your position here. You are going out on a limb here, and have nothing to back your statements up with. You keep saying over and over again how Star Wars is just a movie. It's just a movie. You are right. It IS just a movie. Why don't you leave it at that and stop making it into something it isn't for your own greedy purposes. (Keith X)

You are a is just a god damn movie.

I fully Agree with you, in that the symbolism Star Wars portrays is most definately linked to Satan...Hell is a place of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth...much like the Degobah System...And who of course is the Unholy Sheperd of Muck...Yoda...This Antichrist diguised as a cutesy green prophetic Troll puppet must be put down...How Long can society allow this to continue...Thank you for finaly letting the truth be shown....There must be a new crusade not a New Hope...We as God fearing people must do the striking back....Fuck The Empire...It is time for the return of the lords teachings....No jedi can inspire the masses like our savior..
Jeffrey Thomas Tomeo

I'm a Christian. Well, I was, until I visited your pathetic and ridiculous web page depicting a fictitious element as something "evil," and even had the audacity to infer that Jesus Christ Himself supported your cause. It's ridiculous, oppressive displays such as this that has and have caused me to lose faith the Catholicism that I was confirmed into several years previous to this. This is no more than an embarassing perversion of Jesus Christ's teachings, and an example of two, I'm assuming pre-adolescent, youths with too much time on their hands. You've taken a simple, fictitious element known as "The Force" in three classic movies and twisted it around to fit your own devious purposes. I cannot begin to even guess what it is that caused you to harbor the thought that three harmless movies could be works of Satan. After reading through the details of the webpage, I'm forced to conclude that either A., This is some sort of misengineered practical joke, or B., You have misunderstood, either intentionally or through some ridiculous prejudice introduced to you by who knows who, and perhaps even perverted the teachings of Jesus Christ. Perhaps, with the confusing procedure that "Sunday School" can be, you have somehow drawn totally inappropriate conclusions from that which was taught to you. Perhaps, I think, I should set the record straight now:

The First Commandment is not an open-ended statement that allows whatever religious extremist to call anything that he finds threatening in the least as "A false image of God."

Jesus Christ's teachings are not teaching lessons like "Everyone who chooses not to have Christian beliefs is evil." Jesus Christ's message to the people of Earth was, quite simply, "Be nice to your fellow man." These unfounded smear tactics that you are using against George Lucas and his movies are not nice at all. Furthermore, as a Christian, you are not in a position to unbasedly accuse anything and everything that displeases you as being Satanic, much like what happened in Salem Massachusetts in the 1600s. If you hadn't explicitly stated that you were indeed a Christian on your web page, I might've doubted it after reviewing some of its contents.

In conclusion, this incident, combined with several previous incidents, have caused me to lose faith in my confirmed religion. Partially through embarassment by association with the group of people that produced your web page, and partly through the fact that in my mind Christianity does not have a very solid, logical base. (Michael Gaare)

If I hadn't read a quote saying that your joke of a page was real, I would have thought it was some clever hoax. However, after reading it, I can't believe that this is real. You guys are really stretching here. A good friend of mine is one of the most devout Christians that I have ever seen and she loves Star Wars. Get a life. (The Professor)

May I ask you something? Have you ever heard of Science FICTION? This story is not meant to be real, and it is certainly NOT satanic. The author never suggests that it is real. This movie is NOT SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT CHRISTIANITY. It is simply a fun story about good and evil. If you insist that the force is GOD, then the "dark side" is the fallen Angel. Also, have you considered that the movie producers and scriptwriters could sue you for libel? Just a thought. No, I am not an infidel. I am a very strong Christian, as are the friends who found this page. My father is a minister. Think about what you write before you write it.
Christi Warsinski<>

I cant believe you have nothing better to do than to actually create a page saying Star Wars is satanic. Star Wars is FICTION.!!!! not reality. I think you have lost your grip dude..

You wrote :: "That seventh seal is the seventh SEQUEL to Star Wars! That sequel will enrage the Lord, and He shall SMITE those who worship the Force. No Ewoks will deliver you then- only JESUS."

Are you telling us that if George Lucas makes a sequel # VII to Star Wars, "GOD" will come back and destroy all who dont believe?? Dont get me wrong here I believe in GOD but you have taken this Star Wars fascination a bit to far. I think GOD has better things to worry about than what a FICTIONAL MOVIE is suggesting. (Ken Merriman)

As an avid Star Wars fan and a CHRISTIAN, I find no evidence that George Lucas wrote this saga aiming to proclaim the wrath of Satan and to downplay God. If you would really like, every movie could be manipulated to follow this same theory. The movie is a fantasy movie about things that may be true, but unless you have removed regular TV, Movies, radio, and any other type of multimedia from your life you too like fantasy.

My question is what is your favorite movie? If you look closely, it has bad intentions I bet. Even if it is one of the Biblical movies like "The Ten Commandments" that movie is still produced by a worldly production company who has no intent on educating the world about God and his works. They are in it for the money. (Michael Weiseman)

You Anti-StarWars webpage is very disturbing. It is full of inaccuracies which misrepresent what the movies are about. First of all, George Lucas is NOT Jewish. He was rasied as a Methodist, which, if you had bothered to look up, you would have known. Secondly, your claim that because Yoda teaches Luke to use "telekinisis" which is as you claim a demonic trait, that the movie is evil. Yet, there are Biblical examples of strange things can't happen without intervention. Baalam's donkey swerved to the side of the road three times because it saw the angel of the Lord in the path. Daniel was not eaten by the hungry lions. God provided for Daniel, but could a non-Christian argue that Daniel was a demon, controlling the lions? Maybe Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were spared from burning up because they were made up of fire. Your attack on the FORCE is ridiculous. If you had any insight to the purpose of the films you would realize that there is a very Christian message at its heart, not satanic.

The Return of Jedi is a movie about redemption, namely Anakin Skywalker's (Darth Vader). throughout the film he is struggling with the very difficult issue of evil. It is the love of his son that finally convinces him to turn away from his evil ways and rejoin the light. Isn't Christianity in essence similar? Is not Christianity based on the premise that the love of the Son for us finally overcomes Satan? Does not Darth Vader represent Calvin's idea of total depravity to a tee? He is a man, so overcome with evil that he has no hope for salvation apart from his son. John Calvin teaches that mankind is so overcome with evil that we have no salvation apart from Jesus Christ, God's Son.

As to the force itself, I see the force as being more like the Holy Spirit than anything else. The Holy Spririt surrounds us, and through the Holy Spirit, the apostles had the power to do things that otherwise they would not have been able to do. Through the Spirit, They could speak in tongues, they could heal the sick as Jesus had. The apostles were using an extra-sensory feeeling to fight for good as well. May the Force be with you is a direct play off of the Bibilical May the Lord be with you.

Your ranting that R2D2 is really Baal is also ridiculous. Baal was a Canaanite god of fertility, which the Hebrews followed at times because they beleived he would spread his seed on the ground, thereby ensuring a good crop. I fail to see how this is represented in R2D2. R2 in no way could be mistaken for a fertility god.

You guys really need to think about what you are saying before you spread your hatred to others. As a devout Christian, I am embarrassed that you would blaspheme the name of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, in such an uneducated false attack on this series.
anonymous@MSU.EDU (anonymous)

You are retard. With all the evil things in the world to protest you would pick a movie. If there is an anti-Christ I can say with extreme sincerity that it is someone like you that would serve to oppress freedom and try to control what people think and believe. You Sir are no better than Hitler and I fart in your general direction. (patten)

I was infernally disturbed when I read your material. Obviously only the both of you think this way. Knowing that you will not listen to proper reason, I will take this chance to counter all your thoughts and wrongful sayings. 1) Force is the thing inside all living creatures. But you say that "God" is. So can you explain to me the concept of your "God". And since your "God" is supposed to be the force, are you not then contradicting yourselves? 2) Make things fly...what demons do. Some people in reality can actually bend objects using their will. I don't suppose these people are demons also? 3) Higher secular human force. Please explain this sentence. 4) Seventh Seal? By the time there is a seventh sequel, you probably won't be around to spread your blasphemy. Answer me, if your "God" is true as you claim! (Rick Ong)

I have a few questions about your so called "Electronic Ministry." My first is this: what exactly is wrong with Star Wars? I mean, it's just a good piece of Science Fiction! An entertaining bit of cinema, and nothing more! My second is this: why did you refer to George Lucas (A GENIUS, by the way) as "that Jewish director George Lucas?" Does religion matter? What has HE done to YOU? Not much, I can tell you that. JESUS WAS A JEW, I'll remind you of that.

So I come to you with a ministry, also. I call it the Ministry of Love. Let all of us, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, and all others come together to overcome hate and intolerance. I ask you to reevaluate your belief system, to talk with God and answer this question:

"Do you, O Lord, want me to hate others?"

I personally believe that you will find the answer is no.

NOTE: Revelations is not prophecy. It's a metaphor for the Roman oppresion of the Christians. 666="Nero Caesar". And Revelations is also a novel written in a popular form of the times. Don't exploit a piece of art like that.

I hope you guys are not serious with this whole Star Wars=Satan thing. It's a funny story, but Luke Skywalker does not represent a demon. You could make up alot of stories as to what the Trilogy represents, as was done in the movie "Chasing Amy" where an Africa-American actor claims that the Trilogy is a racist allegory where Darth Vader, the ultimate symbol of black power, is hunted down and killed by the Aryan Jedi Knight (Luke=blond hair blue eyes). As it turns out, Vader is really a white man trapped in a black man's body. Secondly, George Lucas is not Jewish! He was born Catholic, but does not really have a religion anymore. (smad)

And lo, the truth has been spoken. I have watched Star Wars two thousand times. I can recite every line from the HOLY TRILOGY, which kicks your pathetic "holy" trinity's ass. You are a fucking retard. When the Apocalypse rains down on your college ass disco dorm, it is you who shall think it is "not cool to be smited where you stand." The force, when combined with the proper black magics and fresh, virginal blood, shall reign supreme. WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! Shame on ya, when ya step ta! (Bust that nigga ass!!!) KNEEL BEFORE THE DARK LORD!!! THE DARK ONE, PRAISED BE HE, DEMANDS SACRIFICE! THE GOAT LORD SHALL EAT YOUR CHILDREN AND FART IN YOUR FACE WHILE EATING YOUR HAIR LIKE A CRAZY LITTLE DOG NAMED IGGY. Which brings me to my next point: YOU ARE A DORKY INFIDEL! And the demon Yoda cast forth his wrath upon Jesus, and he spunked in fear before him. Then he died (again), after being nutted on. Yoda can kick God's ass, cause God's a wuss. (adendum: the preceeding IS NOT a death threat. Don't get nervous. Just try not to be a tool and spout shit like a fuck-up.)

You guys have a made a real (but terrible) effort in attention getting. The cartoonish horns on the photos, and just the whole idea is lame. Movies are entertainment. Not reality. If this is all you can devote your life to, you're already lost in a non-reality.

I am a christian who grew up in church and reading the bible, am social companions with several pastors who enjoy a PG movie from time to time because it's just that - a movie.

Wait, now I get it - This is just a joke right? Anyone who would waist 5 hours outside a theatre protesting a movie like Star Wars and not a triple X flick down the street has some wires crossed somewhere.

I've heard some garbage in my time, but this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You are taking stories from the Bible and comparing them to a FANTASY!!!! Star Wars is not worshipped. It is not good or evil. It is ENTERTAINMENT. Also, are you a Nazi? You're comment "The Jewish George Lucas...." REALLY destroys any credibility that yoiur idea might have had. Jesus was a Jew, and his chosen people were the Jews. Saying you are a Christian gives us real Christians out there a bad name. I'm not sure of Geocities policies on the matter, but as far as I can tell, racial slurs are NOT acceptable. I'll look into this, and have everyone I know e-mail Geocities to complain about this.

You sound like an idiot in your comparison with R2 to Baal. Baal was an idol-furnace built by evil people to make sacrafices to. How on Earth, Heaven, or Hell do you get a comparison with R2-D2 to Baal? (Brad J. Fuhriman)

For the Turkeys who thought this thing up, You must realize that SW is just fictional fantasy. The Star Wars world is a place to escape to for a short while, just for enjoyment, just to have fun. If anyone thinks that the Force is real needs psycriatric help.

About your page, it is down right crap to me. For the people who degraded the pictures and saying the horrible messages are no better than satan himself. Do not send another message to me, ( David Connell)

How, can you accually say the force is saitin. I am the webmaster of the SWA- Star Wars Alliance, and i feel this is a outrage, and a insult to all Star Wars fans everwhere. How, can you accually say that is even true. The force is accually the good side, and for god sakes, its a movie. Yes, it might be a cultural thing in the USA, but you gota lot of nerve. Expect alot of hate mail, you anti force peice of crap. So accually, your saying everone that believes that the force is good, is a satinism? Man, theres going to be alot of people going to hell out there if your right, cause Star Wars is the TOP movie ever. BTW im posting this on my web site that has recieved 45000 hits, so exectp alot, more mail. if you think this is the begining, think again

BTW: YOU ARE RACIST. JESUS WAS A JEW, AND THE SON OF GOD. YOU ARE STILL BEING RACIST. DID YOU SEE JESUS BEING RACIST? NO. So, i guess you are going to hell. And man, if you can accually compair R2D2 and Baal you defentally belong in a White Suit (Josh Kanger)

You have got to the be the most bored, stupid, idiotic person with way too much time on your hands!! Get a life! Star Wars is a great movie... but that is all it is a movie! You are stupid and your ignorance revolts me. You make me want to puke you slimy little piece of filth ridden dog shit. You want to pick on a movie go pick on Hellraiser. and if star wars is evil... than I'm the devil himself. rot in hell retard your loving demon, (Jon T Johnstone)

umm excuse me? Are you guys going to the premier of Return of the Jedi at the manns chinese? Please let me know, because i will be sure to bring plenty of eggs! (Shaun Curtis)

Just be quiet and worship my penis. (The Bastard Son Of The Apocalypse)

Instead of focusing on some souped up beer can on wheels with a computer
voice and denigrating Carrie Fisher maybe you should focus on Linda Blair.
Now there was someone who really had devilish problems. I never saw R2D2
eject green vomitus. How about Jaws or Moby Dick? Was not the porpoise of
these creatures to depict the forces of evil? You set your sites in too
limited a fashion. Even the Bible will corroborate this. Where was Jonah
trapped.? Not int the belly of some midget robot that's for sure. (alexis)

I went to your page thinking you guys were just joking. Well I discovered that you guys are out of your minds!!! Next are you going to tell us what books to read. Fascism is not a way to live. You are only promoting evil, because every Star Wars fan who reads this will feel angry ( a way of the dark side) and will want to smash yor head in with a brick.
And are you anti-semites. You racists. You are such week minded fools.
Do you want to stop people from listening to certain music and having their own oppinions. CONFORMITY IS THE ENEMY. YOU ARE CONFORMISTS. I forgive you for being a bunch of weak minded fools. I wouldn't mind if youjoined heavens gate, though. (TOM THEIMER)

I just read your homepage and Q&A section. It seems ironic that such a misguided, anti-smetic attack should be cloaked in the veil of Christianity. I hope that whatever possesed you to come up with this concept has passed: I also hope that the millions of people starving, dying and being persecuted in our own country begin to take up some more of your time as a Christian. Perhaps the fans of a 20 year old movie are not the people whom you should be worrying about. Instead, try loving your neighbor. If that fails, try visiting those in prison, the sick, the oppressed, the hungry, the homeless. If you need any more ideas, try the Bible. Baiocchi)

Look obviously you have a problem seperating reality from fantasy. Star Wars is not real it is just a story that people like to watch. It's only a story and that does not necessarily mean that it is a tool of Satan. I bet you watch a lot of other movies and think that they are good movies and not realated to Satan. It is just a movie like any other. Just because they believe in the Force and not God in a make-believe universe that isn't real doesn't mean it is wrong. Yoda is not a stand in to God and was never meant to be. Yoda isn't real. He is just a puppet. He is not a demon sent by Satan. Just because George is Jewish and you think that he thinks that God isn't good enough just proves that you are prejudice against Jewish people and not one God's children when you against another religion that does worship a being like God and could be God in every respect. And R2D2 is just an hunk a machinery with a man inside.

You're pathetic. And racist. George Lucas isn't jewish and even if he was, Jews still believe in God you moron. You're probably some Nazi militia member who lives in one of the Confederate states and has 40 kids. (rizzo)

I think you religious assholes are the biggest fucking problem in the world. I am tired of always putting up with shit from you assholes who complain about blasphemy this and heresy that. You fuckheads should get a life and wake up to the reality that there is not fucking god. If I recieve any more mail from you I will personally lead a crusade to kill your little page and everyone associated with it.

Omigod, you guys totally sucked me in with the Star Wars thing. The frightning thing about that is that it could have been real. Great job! The first person who figured it out was an employee at Origin Systems, the same company that my husband works for. First the original site was passed around, then the fact that it was a joke. I'm not nearly web-sophisticated enough to figure out all that on my own, although the io home should have been a tip-off (in fact that WAS the tip off for the original gentleman.) I used to be involved in Republican Party politics (in a former life:)) and it was eerie how well you captured the raw hate that comes from the so-called "Christians" of the Religious Right. (Dawn Allee)

You people are weird! I am the The Most Knowlageable person about Star Wars that I know, The force is in another UNIVERSE!!!! Jesus wasn't ever thought of there. Your page is a discrase to the Human Race!!!!!!!! Also you SUCK!!!

Somebody faxed us your hilarious "the Force is Satan" flyer and we looked up your website. Very funny stuff. It's like a 'zine--only on a computer! Rock on.
Scott Dikkers
the ONION, Number One In News.

Nice site you've set up here. I am curious as to the origin of your (obviously) deeply felt convictions about Star Wars...??? Were you kidnapped by Ewoks or something?!?! I would like to hear from you guys (seriously).... (Chris Wallace)

Thank you for your concern. I am a christian, but also a fan of the science FICTION trilogy of Star Wars. I do think that Star Wars and its characters are cool. However, I know that it is a fictional tale. I do not believe that there is a FORCE other than that of God. It is just a movie. I like to play games about Star Wars too. If I enjoy flying around a computer simulation of an X-Wing, does that make me a sinner too? I do not worship the force nor do I believe in it. It is pure fiction. I think you take this movie way too seriously. It is merely Lucas' expression a fictional place in his imagination. I really doubt that he was trying to think of ways to seduce society when creating the Star Wars universe. You should look at Star Wars for the good things- trust in friends, love defeating evil, and some really cool special effects. Anyway, thanks. (Scott Irvin)

Wow! Was checking out your homepage and though I agree with none of it, I'm glad to know such a site exists. I may be a SW fan, but I beleive we all should express our beliefs. And express your beliefs you do excellently. I aplaud you, keep up the good work... sincerly TC Jedi, Not TC Devil :) (Tony Copley)


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