Solo Drinking Games for the Alcoholic

It's hard to capture the free-spirited, humorous spontaneity of the drinking game when your the only one drinking. That's why we have thoughtfully prepared this list for the alcoholic who is still boozing long after everyone has left the party, and your life.

RULES: Spin the Bottle, and whoever it points to, drinks. If the bottle doesn't point directly at anyone, the person nearest to the right drinks, and since you are playing alone, it is always you.
SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Make sure the bottle is empty before you start.

RULES: Take off your shirt and start drinking. If your liver swells up to such an incredible size that you can see it poking out beneath your rib cage, you lose.
NOTE: This game usually takes a few years, so stock up your supplies before commencing your solo festivities.

RULES: Bring a hip flask full of whisky to work. Every time someone tells you to do something, take a drink. If someone asks you if you're drinking on the job, take two drinks. Score double points if you vomit on your boss.
NOTES: This game helps you get through a grueling workday quickly, so you can head out to a bar after work.

RULES: Sit at a table or bar and get a drink. Think about your life. Every time you have a depressing thought, take a swig. Play proceeds from the left to the right hand. You always lose.

RULES: This game calls for a steady hand, and the detective skills of Sherlock Holmes. After a bout of post-party puking, examine your vomit. For every meal-part you correctly identify, take a drink. For any piece you find that you can't remember eating, (You were blasted!) Take three drinks. If you find another living organism in the mess, drink a whole bottle. This game adds challenge and excitement to a normally exruciating experience!

I hope these simple games will provide you with even more reasons to drink. Have fun!

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