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K-something Hawaii! A hawaiian Radio DJ's "personal" homepage. Corporate, but if you can get by all the prize and give-away junk, he has some good stuff like a great, big list of links (Ooze is there) where I found this: Money Story A story about guy cashed a junk-mail check for $100k. And still has it (for now).

Rage Magazine Rage is a magazine that has some good artcles. Look for their Web Awards.

Civil Defense CD-ROM sampler A romp through a post-nuclear funland. Follow the link CD-ROM to CIVIL DEFENSE SAMPLE BROWSER to see all these cool atomic documents.

I Hate Ooze Petition The offical I-Hate-Ooze site. Sign a petition BANNING OOZE FROM THE INTERNET!

Gopher Site of Ooze Get text-ooze from this gopher site. Why? Hell if I know.

Ooze FTP site yeeeehaaawww! Ooze's ftp site. Get files and things.

KaBoom Whale The Infamous Exploding Whale. I think I posted a link to this video somewhere in england, but this one has documents and stuff about the event.

Galleria Homepage Galleria is a journal of pre-mortgage suburbia.

The Leper Homepage Everything you wanted to know about leprosy but were afraid to ask. Includes helpful Limbs Lost and Found.

The Old Testament Online The TEN COMMANDMENTS on the web! Charlton Heston, eat your heart out!

Sir Link-A-Lot

The Riddler is doing some charity event that you go to homepages and stuff. We are SILVER STRAR SPONSORS! I bet that impresses you.
Vote for Ooze at cybersight. Push the Button Dammit!
Boing-Boing has a new URL. This zine bounce-bounces.
*cultural debris* is a cool text ezine
My Post that appeared in HOTWIRED where they put all the stuff they think is cool.
Bill Shatner web site. Hear clips of the Captain singing "Lucy in the Sky" etc. etc. What a man!
Howard Stern website. I listen to him at work.
Bill Bixby Haiku how could you have ever done without it?
Raging Smoulder reviewed us in issue #6
Funt-o-Matic! It's linked to Ooze since issue 4, so it's gotta be cool. Purveyors of funny things.
Meat-Slashin' Page
The Cattle Mutilations Homepage
Learn How to Serve Human Beings... Twilight Zone style!
Todd says he's going to have lots of lists
Buzznet. So Gen X it makes you want to be born in the 50's
Rag Index I forgot what this is.
Factsheet 5- Grandaddy of Zine Compediums
Spooky PEZ Pez-o-Rama
1994 Weirdest Suicide A note I got in my box.
Rectal foreign body page Hmmm.
Poop (the stool archive)
Fortean Times - great magazine, and they have a video of an exploding whale.
The Hair Page is an assortment of stuff about hair and other things.
Ivan Ooze A different Ooze Home Page.. for some Power Rangers Guy.
Akuma's Homepage He's still looking for his supermodel I promised.
A guy with big balls.
Spunky Home Page.
Homepage about Cults Hohaaha!
EINet has a link to us. They list things. You've probably been there.

Check out the links from the last issue.

Random Thoughts For This Issue

Why all the links? For one reason. Someone will eventually give me $$ for them. Ooze reaches an estimated 30,000 people or more. If you have lots of bucks and want to promote your site, contact me. I've had a number of people approach me about ads, but it's all fallen through so far. But that doesn't mean I am a hard ass, or an undue burden to work with. Nay! I'm just not going to give you free publicity unless I feel like it.

My HTML skills have improved a little. If you see glaring errors, please let me know. I think I have worked the kinks out of Issue 4 and 5. The quicktime movie in issue 4 should load now. The only thing I haven't been able to work out is that the server here doesn't seem to want to serve up .jpegs. They make alot of sense to use, so I wish I could figure this one out. If anyone knows, or has tips, or likes to program cgi scripts but doesn't know what to do with them (I have little patience to learn that) let me know.

I still might be moving the Ooze Home pages to another address. My service provider here raised outgoing data prices, and I might be saddled with big charges. It depends. So if you know a cheap place for server space (like 10 bucks/month 10megs) let me know.

These issues are getting really big. In 1996 we are going to go bi-monthly. The issues will be a bit smaller (15 articles as opposed to the current 20-25) but more frequent. Quarterly is too infrequent in web-land.

That's all for now. I didn't spell check this page here, so if there are glaring errors, soothe yourt anal souls by looking at the rest of the issue. At least I spelled Masturbatory correctly in this issue


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Ooze #6 ----- Fall '95

Ooze Magazine
The Journal of Substance, Wit,and Dangerous Masturbatory Habits