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Forget watching some boring coffee pot, dorm room, or fishbowl, this site has a new nipple posted everyday on it's Nipple Server! View it, love it, and vote on its nippleness.

Octane is a zine that is oozeesque without being oozey. Check out the THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO SAY ON A FIRST DATE.

Diary of a Nerd
Did you ever wonder what it was like to be a nerd in high school? Of course not. Like Andrew Hicks, you were probably an awkward, zit faced, date-deprived "loser". It's not the Spellingesque world of 90210, but it's almost every bit as engaging.

Manus and the Dead Presidents
Manus Hand visited the gravesites of every Dead President, save four, and has the pictures to prove it. See photos of Manus in front of the final resting places of our former great, not-so-great, and totally forgettable leaders.

Alanis Morissette's career began long ago as a little girl who kept getting slime poured on top of her head in You Can't Do That On Television. You can slime a younger, but still-annoying, Alanis herself--just push a button.

Internet in a Baby
Clicking on different parts of the baby send you to different spots on the web. Click on the hair- you go to Chewies Hair Cream page. Click on the right hand- you go to the Skywalker-worshipping Order of the Right Hand. You get the idea.

The Newtown Bee is a local paper in Connecticut that is mentioned many times in the pages of Ooze.

Morbid Reign
Delicious looking cuts of beef. Human Beef. A must see for the children.

CyberSurfer Magazine will be naming us as one of their Top 100 websites. And the magazine is pretty good too.

The X Chronicles bill themselves as "Canada's Only PARAPSYCHOLOGY website." They all seem to see beer-bottle shaped UFO's.

Site of the Day
We got one of these on 1/14.

Do NOT go to this site!
I got this in my mail: "Don't go to my site. I don't wan't anyone but me to visit my site. Don't post this. "

Mike's Homepage
He used to link Ooze. He also has some "disgusting" information and rants.

Yucky Roach Page
I used to be afraid of these, until they made me an honorary member of their tribe.

Blasphemy Net
Very Xmas themed indeed!

Leprosy Poetry Corner

Sheep's Brain Page

BradNet: The Most Celebrated Home Page
It's amazing how many awards this guy has.. wait a min...

The Cafe
It's got a big selection of magazines including Ooze.

DID ALICE COOPER really covert to Christianity?

Something Is Rotten
A bunch of weird writingss and pictures. Check out the vancouver Dickhead Drowning in His Own Shit.

List of Zines
I get an incredible number of subscriptions from here. Must be good.

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