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We all know POLITICS are a JOKE. There are too many people in this country to have a truly representative government. Why not SUPPORT a party that Peels away THE BULLSHIT once and for all?? ROSS PEROT is a PINKO COMMIE LIBERAL. HITLER WAS A STAND UP COMEDIAN FROM The Hell State of Delaware. A party destined for the few who shall rule!

WE already CONTROL the MEDIA, so no one is aware of the TRUTH--at least, not anyone still alive. Believe our TRUTH. All lies are truth if you believe they are true<.

  • In the Party , not only do you inhale the smoke, and admit it, but you INJECT the BONGWATER on NATIONAL TV!

    The world is a sandbox, this country is our toy and WE WILL KICK SOME MAJOR ASS if someone tries to take it away because


    They just don't want us to know because they know the truth about NUCLEAR WEAPONS! It is too sick and disgusting to reveal. [But I'll let you know that what we think is HUMAN NOW, wasn't 50 years ago.] People who you think are your FRIENDS might actually turn into the AUTHORITIES, MORHPHING IN FRONT OF YOUR OWN EYES!

    Who are we? We are here, we have always been here but not chosen to show ourselves. Now we are Actively seeking Converts to our cause, opening pathways of acceptance so we can finally come above ground and claim what is RIGHTFULLY OURS. We ARE those who hold the puppet strings and have our "hands" up the fleshy colons of most the world leaders. We ALONE decide the fates of emperors, AND his HAREM! We are the political party of the next century BUT WE CAN NOT TELL YOU THE NAME OF IT. You either know.. or you don't. HINT: It's on every ballot.

    You ALREADY Know Too Much!

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    REMEMBER: Free Thinking isn't! (Enclose 25 cents)

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