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Just point your web browser to: and unlock the mysteries of Ooze! (You already have, I surmise) View unedited text editions, or download previous Mac versions of this award winning publication. Marvel at my inability to grasp even the simplest of programming languages! Link the Ooze home page to your system TODAY!

Other spots featuring Ooze:

Ftp the MAC VERSION from the info-mac archive ( or any one of a number of mirrors) in the Periodical directory. Ftp the TEXT VERSION from (file path is /pub/Zines/Ooze/)

America Online- Mac Games Forum (Keyword: MGM) Old issues in the publications archive. [edited for content etc.]

CompuServe- Go MACFUN. Ooze is in the Game Aids/Add-Ons Library. [edited for content]

AND AT THESE FINE BBS's ECN BBS 310.204.6009 or Telnet to virtual.village/a FirstClass BBS 508.368.4222

If you run a system and post Ooze, you can drop a note to to get on this list. Whew.

Send all contributions (sounds, games, articles, art, oriental rugs) to [if on AOL or file is under 32k] or if not on AOL and OVER 32k.

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