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R2-DEMON2 T Shirt

Visit Chompo's Shoppee and get t-shirts, undie-pants, lunch boxes and more. Ooze's popular one-eyed dog, Chompo, now has her own website at chompo.com. This is a no-toothed Chompo fest filled with pictures, videos, animations, stories, and Chompo Merchandise. The Flash Storybook™ Chompo's Lost Lunch is a tour d' force of storytelling - with a literal cliffhanger ending!

We are testing some different Ooze designs, which have a very limited availability! See any image on Ooze you want on a shirt or tea cozy? Write us!

Ooze DVD
Obey the Signs and Live - award-winning film
Wedding Video - my brother's wedding gone awry
Choke the Chicken - Dingleberrys music video as seen on SkyTV in England
Speedo in the Trees - most popular film 1,000,000+ downloads

films can be previewed on oozetv


$6.99 (includes shipping)

MORE Ooze Designs - PWEETA shirts, Jesus T's, Culturally Sensitive sloganeering and more!
Tote Bags, Teddy Bears, Buttons, Posters, etc.
The Finger: A Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Off
- an ooze.com book
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Don't have what you're looking for? That's no excuse not to give us your hard earned money. We slave and drive slaves to create quality humor product, and what do we get from you? A Donation!

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Want an internet company with sky-hi profits and a trademarked baby-with-fork-in-head logo?

Ooze can be all yours for the new low low price of $500,000! Buy Ooze today and save on shipping!

THE FINGER is a "humor" book for the 23rd century. The book, features a 3-D lenticular cover that flips you off as you walk by it. Use it to flip off anybody you want, without the usual muss and fuss of raising your own digit!
Cover to THE FINGER- click to see closer

Celebrate the finger's 3,000 years of vulgarity with the book that rips American pop culture a new asshole and then sticks its finger in. THE FINGER is the perfect f-u centerpiece to any hipster's coffee table, any left-leaning, bearded college professor's nightstand, and any 12 year-old boy's hollowed-out, musty, spider-ridden log in the middle of the woods.

Buy it for yourself, then give it to the ones you love...or hate
Fuck You- and the Horse You Rode in On

Curious? Read Ooze #11: The Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Off -an entire issue of Ooze dedicated to The Finger! This companion website features text and photos our original publisher (for whatever reason) wouldn't run in the book.

Also visit the FINGER UPDATE of Ooze #13 - find out what's new with the Finger!

Want to know what this literary tome looks like? Download a 16 page PDF sampler.
(you need adobe acrobat reader installed to view the file)

THE FINGER: A Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Off
Ice Cube gives this book a Finger Down!by M.J. Loheed, Matt Patterson and Eddie Schmidt photos by S. Herstadt

List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $13.99
(including shipping!)
You Save: $6.95 or more!

XMAS SPECIAL: Authors will autograph book and write a "witty" inscription - to whomever you wish!
specify inscription on order form)

Heavy-Duty Paperback - 104 pages 
Ooze Imprint ISBN: 1888358122

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Baby w/ Fork in Head
Baby with Fork in Head

popular with expectant mothers


Extra Large


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Jesus Dancing!
The Force is a Tool of Satan
Disco Dancing Jesus

our toolofsatan.org mascot


Extra Large

$13.99 (includes shipping)

The Finger Shirt - ON SALE
The Finger
ON SALE! (only $8.99 w/ shipping!)

tell the world where they can stick it!


Extra Large

$8.99 (includes shipping)

Ooze Posters
- liven up your living space
From the popular The FORCE is a TOOL of SATAN website- Hang up Jesus in your living room! This charming 11x17 poster can liven up your dorm room, office or crack den for only $4.99 including shipping.


Jesus Poster
This exquisite 11x17 poster of the Ooze Mascot lets people know you're a sick and twisted bastard - for only $4.99 including shipping!


Jesus Poster
OozeTV Videos
- makes a great Party Favor
Ooze Vinyl Stickers stick on anything -automobiles, computers, walls, animals -whatever! Much better for your rear car window than advertising the college you got into, and more tasteful than a cartoon Calvin pissing on a wall.

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