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Meat is Good. Meat tastes good, smells good, and plumps when you cook it. Meat is one of those things that makes you glad you're at the top of the food chain so you can enjoy it. Meat makes friends. Meat is for Lovers.

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KIDS! Got a School report? - We answered a High School student's questions about the Meat Industry for her paper. Read our Answers to Many Questions!

What does a hunter do with vegetarians? How to eat a Manta.

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PWEETA (People Who Enjoy Eating Tasty Animals) wants to end the suppression of mankind's phobias with certain meats and meat by-products.

MEAT isn't Murder - Murder is Murder
How many times have we heard a man referred to as "beefy" or a woman as a "hot bucket of chicken"? Or disgusting euphemisms for the sexual act like, "I'd love to pork her", "I am bopping the baloney" or "Who's grilling the liverworst?" This is blatant propaganda by Vegetarians to discredit the joy of Flesh!

Humans are Animals, and they like to eat meat...
Vegetarians are denying themselves a basic human comfort- eating the charred flesh of others. Who can help but see a cow in a field and think, "flank steak!" Or a fish in a pond and not think "Filet O' Fish" or "whaler"? It is only natural.

You are not alone.
Vegans say that only eating veggies is more "humane". But is it so humane to torture poor Asparagus? Do you feel, "touchy feely" when you bite into a cabbage? Those are organisms too and must die for you to live! Why limit yourself to the death of a crummy celery stalk when you can eat a giraffe.

So who is really the Killer?
At PWEETA we believe you should eat whatever you want- when you want it. Why is it OK for the French to eat Horse, but it is ILLEGAL in California? Or how the Chinese who go ga-ga for Cat? Or how about the Koreans and Dogs? You may think of them as pets, but to us, they are Livestock.

The Most Dangerous Meat
In school they teach us that Swift's Modest Proposal is an ironic joke- but it's not. Why do you think there's no good English food? The English REALLY eat Irish babies- and they taste good.  Charlton Heston prophesied in 1973 that "Soilent Green" is people. But so is vegimite. Pacific Islanders also eat their dead. Cannibalism isn't a dirty word in these cultures. It shouldn't be in ours!


Student Meat Study and Answer Guide

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How to cook Manta
What to do about Hippies

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Video interview with PWEETA and other videos.

"Eating a salad kills dozens of living organisms ­eating a hamburger, just a small portion of one."

---Kent Mahle, founder, PWEETA  (1935-1983)

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According to Vegetarian Times, 99% of all Americans eat meat and 94 % eat red meat. Americans have been increasing their meat consumption by more than 1.5 pounds a year for the past decade.

An average American works only 9 minutes and 15 seconds to pay for a hamburger. He works 3 minutes for a cocktail weiner.

Steaks have been put over the eye for centuries to heal "black eyes" and gingivitis.

Maggots were thought to "tenderize" meat until 1845 when it was discovered that they were poisonous.

The meat industry employes more workers than aerospace, oil and gas, consumer electronics, internet start-ups, and retired Catskills comedians combined.

The meat industry is so efficient in its use of spare meaty bits, that it  gets 20% more meat per cow than in the 1960s. The industry uses this surplus to maintain a 63 ft. Cow Golem that stands ready in a packing plant to destroy Chicago if need be.


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PWEETA is an independent activist organization and in no way sponsored by or affiliated with The Meat Industry.

about PWEETA Click to watch a quicktime movie of us promoting meat on venice beach

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