THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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January 2006

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Monday, January 30th

Star Warts Sux

These guys are totally faking it. They HATE star warts as much as me. The first three movies were OK, but they werre ruined by George Asshole Lucas who thinks that some crappy boring story and difgital effects monstrosities can compensate for the shittiest acting ever and a plot that could bore a hole through a north Korean bunker.

Reader on 01.30.06 @ 07:55 PM PST [link]

Monday, January 9th

I find this to be insane

First of all, I will admit that I am a Star Wars fan.

Second, I want to discredit the fools who come here and swear their mouths off as they do nothing for my own case. You can get a perfectly good argument out without swearing once.

Now to the main topic: I am a perfectly sane, Christian person. And this perfectly sane, Christian person believes that you are not perfectly sane. Your site is horrible. Not only because of the hysterical ramblings of your content, but the pictures and everything simply add to the astounding foolishness that you are displaying.

Now perhaps the Force is real and perhaps not; it doesn't have to go by that name anyway; so it makes little difference whether you call it psychicism or mysticism or super-powers.

Your ravings are similar to those of people who fight against role-playing games. Only by an extremely thin branch can you possibly connect them with Satan's works. And the only people on that branch are the ones fighting against it. I don't know a soul who has chosen to be a Satanist after playing an RPG and trust me when I say, as a gamer, I know many people who play them.

I also feel that you are exaggerating the entirety of the issue. The Force may or may not be real. You have no say in whether it is or is not. You also have no say in whether someone believes in it. You may feel that you are making some kind of difference by encouraging people not to believe in the Force. No one in their right mind can read through your psychotic ramblings. Nor would anyone who wanted to believe in it. Trust me, I have had sites similar to this but regarding different topics. No one reads someone scorning them.

And lastly, I have to agree that you are being an extremist. Similar to the terrorists who attacked the United States in 2001. You have such a high-held belief that you are right, that you must force everyone to listen to your demands, and that it is your job to destroy anyone who does not believe what you do. Perhaps not by killing, but by trying to undermine them by telling them that they are Satan-worshippers simply for watching a movie.

I can make demands of my own as a Christian. And as a Christian I demand that you not attempt to destroy those that are different; our mission is peace and acceptance, forgiveness and assistance. You are doing none of this, you are merely yelling at people who like sci-fi movies.

And you ought to know what you're talking about as well. Your references sound like Star Trek and Spaceballs all combined into one. There is no beaming of people in Star Wars, for example.
Reader on 01.09.06 @ 05:55 PM PST [link]