THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

April 2006

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Monday, April 17th

this is the most asinine thing I've ever seen. ...leave it the the Christians to ruin things for everyone.
Reader on 04.17.06 @ 09:50 AM PST [link]

Saturday, April 15th

what a load of crap

you relgdiour idiots are all the same. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOD
and star wars is great not evil
Reader on 04.15.06 @ 01:51 AM PST [link]

Thursday, April 13th

Seriously, stop this.

mood: Perturbed. Supremely perturbed.

Part of me doesn't even believe this. This can't possibly be real. First of all, the fact that you seem unable to differentiate between fiction and reality is appalling. The Star Wars fans you so love to deride seem to be far more intelligent than anyone who runs this site. I am a believe in Christ, as are most of the people I know. And nearly everyone I know also loves the Star Wars films, and are well aware that they are fiction and nothing more. Do some people go to far in their fandom? You bet. Do some treat Star Wars as a god? I'm sure. But here is a little hint:

YOU AREN'T HELPING ANYONE, GENIUS. This site makes you, and all CHristians, everyone who shares the faith that I and supposedly you believe in, look like unintelligent, bat-guano-insane, LUNATICS. Not just 'fanatics'... LUNATICS. You give the appearance of being COMPLETELY NUTS in your single-minded and unthinking bashing of Star Wars.

Your facutal errors make your case almost TOO easy to debunk, too.

1) Luke is a name no more 'holy' than any other. If Jesus had had a disciple named Billy would it be a sin to use that name in fiction too?

2) There are only SIX films. Three originals. Three prequels. There is no 'Seventh Sequel' because there are only FIVE SEQUELS to the original. The film series is over now!

3) The story of Star Wars is archetypal. It is about Good vs Evil, Light vs Darkness, and about, *gasp* redemption. Yes, that is right. Darth Vader, who's descent into abject evil is chronicled in the three most recent films, is redeemed in the end. He betrays his dark master, the satanic figure Palpatine, and throws him into a pit. Symbolism over you're heads? Probably.

4) Yoda. It is spelled YODA. Y-O-D-A. There is no 'H' in his name.

This whole site is completely ridiculous. You're photomanipulations are well beyond shoddy. Some of them use expressions like WTF? That really makes me wonder about your real goals here, considering what that stands for. Do you know? It stands for, and I would normally never type this, but... It stands for: WHAT THE FUCK? (Which is probably how most people react to your website.) Drawing horns on Yoda? Having a dancing Jesus behind a rainbow as your logo? Weird stuff.

And at worst, it is downright childish. You have one image of Carrie Fisher given a beard and mustache and Mark Hamill with horns; Fisher is labelled 'whore' and Hamill is labelled 'Satan'.. That is REAL mature.

Another of Hamil with a red 'speach baloon' saying "I'm the antichrist." THAT will convince them. "C-3-GAY-O... Has a secret... Star Wars is pornography."


Somehow I doubt Jesus would approve of any of that that garbage!

Here's the deal: WE ARE HUMAN. We all do things that Jesus doesn't approve of. We ask forgiveness, we strive to do better. And yeah, we will fail again. God doesn't throw away your salvation for WATCHING A FREAKING MOVIE.

You make yourself out to be some sort of light-bearer that shows a bunch of deluded idiots the way to salvation. Jesus never condenscended to people, and never once condemned the theatre--the closest equivalent to movies in His day.

All you're really showing is that your at best a total unthinking fanataic and at worst a lying, lunatic who either can't tell the difference between fact and fiction, or are intentionally trying to make Christians look bad. And God help you if you are.

Reader on 04.13.06 @ 08:39 PM PST [link]

Saturday, April 8th

Interesting Site you have there

Dear webmasters,

The logic you show is rather flawed, i would be putting this in the forms, [instructions are very clear above, but we did it for you.] but i do not have a log in or password. While you are free to make any opinions you wish and try to support them, i will do my best to show you the flaws in your thinking. You argue that the Force is the power of Satan and his minions. The force is neutral, because you can not have anything that is good with out something that is equally bad. The original three films, episodes 4 though 6, show that the evil, because there is a power vacuum, evil is ruling like when Israel was ruled by corrupt kings. The rebels are like the disciples, fighting the evil majority, though the methods are different, the basis for them is the same. Luke you say is hell spawn using the same logic you can claim Dick Cheney is from Hell too, personally i would believe this more. Luke is like Jesus, they both use their powers to heal and protect. Jesus and Luke are both instruments of good. Luke is not a hell spawn nor is Yoda or Obiwan, they are both prophets of good. Yoda and Obiwan have abilties similar to the prophets. They dont want evil to suceede anymore than it had, that is why they put their faith in luke, like man kind is putting faith in jesus to come back and rid the world of evil. Now you claim the attack on the death star repreasents sperm inpregnating an egg not an ovary, a most interesting veiw, similar to when people claimed the teletubies represented sex, when more likely they merely were trying to expose kids to different shapes. That claim is baseless, and is just a point of view. Now you claim Princess Leia is a sult, then i claim every girl and women in the whole world, are sluts and whores. Because they have allowed themselves to be tricked into wearing extremely revealing clothes, girls young as 13 are wearing thongs and g-strings, and women as old as 50 parade around in clothes of a 20 yearold. Princess Leia isnt a slut, she was forced into those clothes by Jabba who represents the pigs of the male gene pool. She isnt a slut for wearing those clothes if she went around making love and hitting on everything that moved then she would be a slut. but she becuase she isnt a slut she doesnt do that. You claim R2-D2 is a demon god, has it gotten so bad that you are now accusing basically a garbage can with wheels as a demon? Now you also claim C3-PO as gay, well hate to break it to you, he cant be gay or striaght, snice droids have no emotions, now the reason you claim this is problably becuase of the way he walks and talks, well as for the way he walk, he was programed and built by a 9 year old, and for the way he talks who the hell wants a rude robot? Vader represented the Anti-christ who with the help of Satan(the emperor), had taken over the galaxy, and Luke with only a small group of people over came the the Empire and destoried it.

On to the episodes 1-3, Anikin's mother didnt know who the father was, and she never claimed that she was a virgin. In episodes one two and three it is very similar to the revealations, a great evil is approching, and a leader rises and claims he will stop it, and bring peace, but instead brings the evil force to power, at the same time good is fighting back and loses, and has to wait to fight and win another day.

Now as a last note, using your deranged logic, you can claim the Teletubbies are the Four Horseman of the Apocolyse, Martha Steward is the Anti-Chirst and pokemon are the demon armies of hell . Please respond if you would like to talk about this further, i would also like to see this in the forms, so that i may see others opinions on my opinion.

Derangedly yours,

Reader on 04.08.06 @ 09:17 PM PST [link]