THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

April 2007

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Saturday, April 28th


Dear all,

Please forgive this unsolicited email, but I would love you to check
out my newly published book: The Gospel According to Star Wars:
Faith, Hope and the Force (WJK, 2007). More information can be found
on my cheap and cheerful webpage at
Any word you can spread about the book I?d be very grateful for,
and if I can be of any help to you please don?t hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks

Dr. John C. McDowell
Divinity Director of Undergraduate Studies
and Meldrum Lecturer in Systematic Theology
University of Edinburgh
Reader on 04.28.07 @ 08:37 PM PST [link]

Monday, April 16th

Which One is My God?

ALL HAIL LUKE SKYWALKER ...... at least he never molested any kids...

I dont need episode III to be a battlefield... I dream and long to be the antichrist........Id love to arise and rule over man.... jesus was a dumbass if he had the power of god and didn't enslave mankind under one rule. which is all the proof you need to reason that he never exsisted.... though your centuries of stifling thought may have had an effect your sick twisted self flatulating child molesting bastards never counted upon.... We have technology .... and soon after WWIII the war to end all religion.... . and just so you know... If The devil ever offers me the chance to lay waste to the church,, id jump on it...

hail satan..... may this day bring pain and curses to those that follow the pope and jesus.
Reader on 04.16.07 @ 12:52 PM PST [link]

Thursday, April 5th


music: disturbed- Land of confusion

You sorry bastards really need to get a life. It's a movie! GET OVER IT!

Reader on 04.05.07 @ 03:19 PM PST [link]

Sunday, April 1st


music: Zao - Psalm 77
mood: Humored Still

ok, i didnt notice this before. but ur boxers. that is wrong man. "Is that Jesus in your pants, or are you just happy to praise the Lord"? that is sick. how can u call yourselves Christians when you go publicly displaying crap like that. honestly

In Christ,

Jeo again
Reader on 04.01.07 @ 02:36 PM PST [link]

is this a joke?

music: Zao - Foresight
mood: Humored

OK, seriously, watching Star Wars will not send you to hell. I am a Christian and i love the Star Wars franchise. It isn't the watching of the movie that sends you to hell. it is how strongly you believe in it. you are making Christians look retarded. Oh and your signs/merchandise contradict each other. If Jesus is the Force, and the Force is a tool of Satan, you are basically saying that Jesus is a tool of Satan. maybe you should rethink your strategy. and if you say believing in the force will send people to hell, you are telling them not to believe in Jesus. just stop confusing people, and start telling them about the REAL Jesus, minus the "Force" analogies.

In Christ,

Reader on 04.01.07 @ 02:33 PM PST [link]