My 5th Grade Prose

In Ooze #7, we explored my budding command of the written word though selections of my 1st grade poetry. This issue, samples from my 5th grade notebook show the intellectual growth from 1977's primitive, yet poignant, "Santa Dog" to 1981's gripping, articulate "Why My Fifth Grade Teacher is Different Than Bo Derek."

All spelling and punctuation are in their original form.


Excerpts from The Preist - October 1980

..."There is a tale [that] every ten years someone gets lost and never seen again in this graveyard." said Joe, "The ten years was either yesterday, or today!"...

..."Shhh, I hear someting," first faintly then louder, "Live or Die! Live or Die!"
"Oh no, we're lost and we're lost good," Jack said...

..."[Look,] a temple of some sort," said Joe joyfully. "Mabey we can ask for directions here."

"Ok." As they pushed opened the door... They asked, as the doors suddenly shut behind them, "Ah sir, excuse me, but could you give us directions to go home?" There was a priest kneeling as he stood and turned around. "Holy Cradoley! Let's get out of here!" The priest's face was green and gooey blood chilling. He also had purple pimples.

"Live or Die!" the priest said.

Excerpt from "Book Report on A Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis" - January 1981

...The author ended the book this way because he wanted it to end good...

...I liked this book because it was adventureous and ex[ci]ting. It was ex[c]iting because you never know what will happen next. It was adventorous for almost the same reason.

My Fifth grade Teacher and Bo Derick - April 1981

Mrs. Vuolo and Bo Deric are different in four ways. Bo Deric's way of living is- $. Mrs. Vuolo's probably got a fair smount of money, but nowhere near Bo Deric's amount.

The advantage that Mrs. Vuolo has... is that Bo Deric has to go pretty far to go to work. Mrs. Vuolo [also] probably doesn't have to take sleeping pills the way Bo Deric does. Bo Deric is stuck wearing those stupid hairdooes. Mrs. Vuolo sure lives different than Bo Deric!

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