You Might Be A Foreigner If...

Imagine if Jeff Foxworthy, America's most famous Redneck, wasn't really a Redneck at all! What hack comedy would he spew if, in fact, he were actually an immigrant?

You might be a foreigner if...

india girl.gif speak English as well as you drive. ran out of Saints to name your kids after.

...your wife is hairier than your dog have two antennae on your head. enjoy "Baywatch" for its clever storytelling techniques.

...your wife's idea of intimacy is removing the veil. root against Steven Segal in his movies.
jabeir.gif consider 7-11 "the family business".

...dinner at McDonald's is an exotic change of pace from your normal diet of stewed monkey brains. burn incense to accent your body odor. think top-optional beaches are cheating you out of half the fun. hail from a country other than 'Merica.

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