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08/12/2005: "For the Star Wars Haters of the World"

Dear I hate Starwars Nerds Club,

Alright I don't know if this is a positive letter or a negative letter so let me just say what I want to say.

Firstly I'm Christian, I'm not a starwars nerd! And I'm not suprised by the hate mail you are getting! And I like starwars BUT I don't worship it. I do have a poster I do have the movies and a couple of games and I can even sound like Jar Jar Binks! I don't get what you are trying to achieve. You say that if I believe in the force I am going to hell but you say that Jesus is the force... I don't get it.

Secondly, I don't know what your point is and how well its working. Something that always sits uncomfortably with me is the fact how people can take one bible verse and twist it around to make it sound like anything they want. For example, take the verse you got on your site:

And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great. -Revelations 16:18

What the hell does that verse have to do with starwars, its about an earth quake... if your going to preach to people and tell them something make sure its relevent to your audience its gotta be crystal clear, so clear that it can't be argued, mis interpreted, and so relevent that people will understand... Communication is the key here, not throwing bible verses that don't link to what you're saying. Don't you think its hypocritical to tear something to shreds and then use that same stuff to back up what you are trying to say. Maybe its ok to some degree, but on the other hand to rip it down and say on one hand its from the devil and use that same thing from the devil to preach something that is supposed to sound Religious or Christian leaves a funny taste in my mouth. Doesn't the Bible say

In Luke 11:18, Jesus says, "And if Satan is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand?"

In Mark 3:26, Jesus says, "And if Satan has risen up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand; that is the end of him."

In Matthew 12:26, Jesus says, "And if Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself; how, then, will his kingdom stand?"

Maybe its just me. Maybe I got another edition that you don't have..

Next is the T-shirts. I can't honestly see myself or my friends wearing them. People aren't going to pay money for a t shirt unless they are gonna wear them. When you stick Jesus on a T-shirt like that you make him out to be a joke... Thats what I thought it was until I saw that you guys were dead serious. Jesus is worthy of praise and honour and I hate to see him mocked coz it make him embarassing and a total loser - He's my best friend after all!

Another thing. Starwars isn't the only thing that can lead people away from following Jesus. We aren't going up in a space ship when we die... its heaven. Some young kids will stumble upon your page and take word for word what you're saying to be true. I know, I'm a youth leader. I know all the fads and stuff out there. I know what kids are into. I can understand how the media can influence the minds of kids. Hellivision is so bad that I don't watch it that much. If it wasn't starwars, it would have been something.

When you said: Christians REJOICE! Jesus will lead us in a real star war - between the armies of Heaven and Satan. Believers will “beam” up to the Starship in the sky, and Captain Jesus shall lead a thousand year Federation of Planets before Judgment Day. We are destined to WIN! it sounds like a comic book, it sounds like a kiddies fiction more than starwars.

The worst thing about this all is that the whole thing really lacks the foundation of Gods word... There is nothing about Jesus coming to give life more abundantly (John 10:10), nothing about God giving a future and a hope (Jer 29:11). These are things people are searching for.

When you advertised Get a Spiritually uplifting DANCING JESUS T-Shirt from our Products Page . you make Jesus to be embarassing - because its just stupid. Do you think by sticking Jesus on something like a T-shirt it makes it annointed or from God? See it from Jesus perspective: Would you like to see an advertisement with a DANCING FRED T-Shirt? (Change fred for your name). Do you see how stupid and moronic that is... How would you guys like to see McDonalds start doing Jesus meals for kids with Jesus' face on a hamburger?

I don't care if 1 or 10,000 or 1 million people have given you words of encouragement... I'm just wondering how many other christians like me see the whole thing as just plain embarassing!

As I said before, Starwars isn't the only dangerous thing... What about the internet? And you say Thank God for the internet... I work in the Info Tech field with the internet. Did you know that over 20% of the internet is full of explicit material. Did you know that?

I don't agree with Harry Potter. Witchcraft is dangerous. Jesus makes it clear but I guess you guys think that Harry is alright when starwars is A-ok.

Another thing, its not helping your cause by telling visitors to your site to go and write some nasty letters...

And another thing... I think that if people take starwars seriously they are just plain stupid. Starwars nerds need to get a life. They make me laugh - 40 something year old men who still live with their folks and are starwars nerds. The wedgies and the bashings they get from normal people like me will be enough without you guys giving your 5 cents worth.

If you really wanna tell people Starwars is wrong then you are totally doing it the wrong way! Have you ever thought about going to where the starwars nerds are?

And another thing... I think the pictures on your site are an infringement of copyright of Lucasfilms.... Don't you need someones permission to display, defame their work on your site or sell or modify the work for your T-shirts which you are selling for a profit? I wouldn't be suprised if you end up with a letter from George Lucas himself.

The last thing is that JESUS LOVES STARWARS NERDS! HE DOESN'T HATE THEM! Everything we do should point people to Gods unfailing love. Heck people don't need to be told that they are going to hell. People don't need to feel like crap... Dang, try another method... tell people about God's love... Tell them about the one that will never leave them nor forsake them! There's no conviction in what you are saying... just because people have sent a letter saying "Good on you" thats all it is, its not "Thank you for your site, it changed my life".

PEOPLE WILL EITHER TURN PEOPLE AWAY AND SEE GOD AS A LOSER, OR THEY WILL EMBRACE HIM AS THEIR DAD AND KING...! I can't help but think that you have turned people away from God because of the way you've portrait Jesus. First impressions last!

Don't hide behind your computer... get out there and win some souls! Time is short...

Maybe the joke is on us, maybe its a 10 year old kid with too much time on his hands sitting behind his computer shooting up on drugs.

Alrighty I'm out of here... Email me if you wanna discuss this email...

Good luck with whatever it is your doing and trying to achieve.

Mike Elliott
(and Peter, who would like to see this site shut down.)

Replies: 5 Comments

on Sunday, August 28th, marc said

Dude thank u. these star wars h8ting freaks need to be stopped, i myself love god i like star wars as a movie not a lifestyle. these dude do need to stop tryin to scare people to crist they should talk about his love they might get some were.

on Sunday, August 14th, Mike said

You can preach all the crap in the world you want... but if you have no love... no love for George lucas, no love for the visitors to your site... you are full of crap... 1 Cor 13 (The Mike Version)

on Friday, August 12th, Mike said

I forgot to tell you guys, when I was writing that email last night I was watching Return of the Jedi and 30 mins into it I stumbled across your site... pretty freaky huh?

I guess God does work in mysterious ways!

on Friday, August 12th, Fred Jones said

I'm with him... You guys need some prozac or something... You're an embarassment

on Friday, August 12th, Mike said

ok, first of all I'm touched by your effort to put my email on your forum. Secondly you got the heading wrong it should be "For the Star Wars NERD Haters of the World" - theres a big difference. Thirdly, I wanted a reply from the head honcho of your organisation, I mean I spent an 90 mins writing you an email and you couldn't spend 10 mins of your lousy life to even say thank you or even discuss what I had said... this goes to show that you guys are all talk and no show... you're FULL OF CRAP!. Dang, I can't believe that I had even remotely decided to feel sorry for you guys...

Get a life you bunch of tree hugging hippy morons! When you find the other half of your brain then email me!


PS. I've mentioned you guys on my weblog.