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October 2005

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10/03/2005: "Face Values"

Coming upon your website the other day, I feel like no one takes anything at face value anymore.

Of course, Star Wars is a movie franchise with deeper meanings derived from mythology and modern religion alike, which is partially why the saga had been so sucsessful.

Why aren't the movies taken at face value? It's a movie designed to tell a good story. The fact that it has certain, deeper mythological and spiritual should have nothing to do with considering a movie blasphemous or not.

One of the many mistakes you have made is saying that the name of Luke used in the movies is a blasphemy. Considering that many archetypes are used here, the character is more similar to figures in Greek myth such as Jason or Perseus than Luke of the Gospels. Luke, derived from the Greek and Latin words for light, signify that he is a good man on the right side of the conflict, not that he's supposed to be a saint and is mocking the Christian faith.

Comparing Yoda to God is also missing the point. Yoda is not a stand-in for God, but instead more of Luke's spiritual advisor, such as a veteran Kabbalist would be to an initiate.

Maybe I shouldn't have used that comparison, since it seems that you have no respect for Jews save for one. We owe many things to the Jews; our heroes and our system of beliefs, to name a few.

One more thing that I could not resist noting is that in your article on the Phantom Menace, you talk about another move, "The Matrix," and on your most recent page you make a comparison between the end of time and "Star Trek." Try to be more consistent, especially when you say that people's souls are on the line.

Sometimes a movie is really just a movie.

Being a confirmed Catholic and a Star Wars fan at the same time isn't that hard to do. Why don't you hold protests against things that are actually evil, such as war, poverty, or discrimination?

James Reinholt