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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

February 2006

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02/15/2006: "Tools of Satan site"

You have an interesting site, but might I recommend that you run things past
an editor the next time? Right from the very beginning I spotted grammatical
errors in your document, and to be perfectly honest you have a large number
of mixed metaphors. As an example, you make reference to a war between the
armies of Heaven and Satan. Properly this should be a war between the armies
of Heaven and Hell, or God and Satan.

Then there is the simple lack of research on your part to the media that you
are decrying. The "final episode" of the Star Wars saga was not the recently
released Episode 3. It was Episode 6: Return of the Jedi, and in this
episode good does triumph over evil, and the tool of evil that is triumphant
in Episode 3 is redeemed.

While this is certainly not a Christian message, it does represent some of
our core beliefs.

Then there is the reference to the Star Trek series with the whole "beaming
up" bit. Try to retain your focus when presenting something like this. If
you really want to reach out to fans of this media you need to remember that
many of them are very bright and intelligent individuals, and errors like
this really stick out. If you want to reach this audience I strongly
encourage you to present a more professional image, and to be sincere in
your message rather than dropping platitudes and quotes from classic
evangelism tracts. This is a modern audience, bring yourself up to date to
reach them effectively rather than making them laugh at your efforts.


Replies: 3 Comments

on Saturday, April 8th, Harris said

This dude got it right, they are just movies

on Tuesday, April 4th, Anti-Christ Superstar said

Apparenty the stupid fuck that wrote this is another paranoid conspiracy theorist. I found a link to this site under a humor webpage labeled "Blasphemie" that said it was good for a laugh... and I have to admit... it was.

on Monday, February 20th, MikeRobbins said

WHAT kind of Reactionary Fuckin Bullshit IS this site?
enough ssaid.
and its YODA, not yodah, dumbasses