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August 2006

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08/07/2006: "The Force!"

Look my friend,
I am not the biggest STAR WARS fan, but I read your statements on your website and I think you may be slightly confused. Not once in any of the STAR WARS films does anyone refer to The Force as something that is greater than God or Jesus. The powers of the Jedi, as I interpret them in the first 3 films, are to be looked upon as that of a form of martial arts, in which one who devotes mind, body, and spirit to the human condition through discipline and training, can achieve powers seeded deep within every being. Only those who commit and obey the codes set down by the Jedi themselves (these codes are basically "moral ethics" {sort of like the Ten Commandments} which allows one to choose the path he travels in his training.) Now yes, there is a Dark Side to the force, but can't this too be seen as the path to damnation as the the other side would be seen as the path to Righteousness? The Force itself could be bestowed by God the same way he bestowed Moses the power to part the Red Sea. Think about it.

In fact, the way I interpreted The Force from the first 3 movies (before Lucas ruined the mystique by saying it stems from alien micro-organisms in one's blood stream) was to look at it like it were a form of martial arts. Great power can be achieved if one sets his mind, body, and spirit towards the enhancement of the human condition through discipline, enlightenment, and commitment to one's self (sort of like Buddhist's monks.) One can only reach these levels of power, that are in every being, through rigorous training and the following of the Jedi code set down by the Jedi's themselves (which is basically "moral ethics" in the same vein as the Ten Commandments or any of Jesus's teachings.) Now yes, there is a Dark Side to The Force, but can't this too be interpreted as the path to Damnation as the opposite side could be seen as the path to Righteousness? And couldn't The Force be a power bestowed to Man by God, the same way he bestowed the power to Moses to part the Red Sea? Think about it now. So, is Star Wars really evil or just some sci-fi minded individual's interpretation of a morality play? Let me know what you think.