THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

January 2007

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01/25/2007: "WTF"

You guys are the most retarded freaking morons on this planet if you think star wars is a tool of satan. And it is the way of demons distracting people so the devil can steal your soul. what the hell is wrong with you people? are you off your meds? Star Wars is a MOVIE, and a good one at that, it's entertainment, not reality. the force is not a so called "golden calf", it's a way for the good guys to win over evil... IN THE MOVIE!!! the force stands for unity and good, IN THE MOVIE!!! Just because something is said in a movie doesn't mean it changes anything in real life. If one was so inclined they could believe in the force and jesus at SAME TIME. is this a new idea to you people? i mean i will say in your own little screwed up minds you are doing right by your religion. but walking around telling me that i am wrong and you are right and back it up with some stupid crap you thought of when tripping on acid or holy water or what ever it is that you super religious whackos do in your spare time other than reading the bible, cut yourself and listening to priests who molest children. what the hell! taking a screenshot of luke skywalker from star wars and throwing some horns and a tail on him does not make you right. listen, whackos. I belive in god, and i don't think the force is real. but i'm writing this now not because i don't dress up as jabba the hutt every weekend or because i go to church on sunday but because i think you guys need to check yourself into a mental hospital for scitzophrenia. because you are reading way too much into this and its just a movie. If we are all god's children, then we are all forgiven when we die; if we are truly sorry. but trying to convince me that when some guy gets to the pearly gates, he will be denied because he thinks he can pick up his lightsaber with his mind, ur crazy. Even if it did have a religious hidden meaning, it would be in the favor of jesus and his army of angels ANYWAY! if you haven't seen the movie, let me recap. darth sidious= bad, luke skywalker = good, look skywalker wins by using the force. it's saying luke skywalker (one of you religious whackos) beats the devil (darth sidious) by using the force which is the power of some weird voodoo religion where jesus rocks it hard. thats it. the end. and don't even get me started on yoda, that goofy green bastard is like a priest and touches... i mean teaches luke to use the power of the force (religion) to triumph over evil. derrr! I'm done... because if i think of your stupid message to star wars fans i'm pretty sure my nose is gonna bleed. simply by logging on to your website and reading your ideas, my IQ has now dropped 20 points. good job assholes. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU... I MEAN GOD BLESS. they are the same thing right?