THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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January 2007

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Thursday, January 25th

Reader on 01.25.07 @ 10:24 AM PST [link]


You guys are the most retarded freaking morons on this planet if you think star wars is a tool of satan. And it is the way of demons distracting people so the devil can steal your soul. what the hell is wrong with you people? are you off your meds? Star Wars is a MOVIE, and a good one at that, it's entertainment, not reality. the force is not a so called "golden calf", it's a way for the good guys to win over evil... IN THE MOVIE!!! the force stands for unity and good, IN THE MOVIE!!! Just because something is said in a movie doesn't mean it changes anything in real life. If one was so inclined they could believe in the force and jesus at SAME TIME. is this a new idea to you people? i mean i will say in your own little screwed up minds you are doing right by your religion. but walking around telling me that i am wrong and you are right and back it up with some stupid crap you thought of when tripping on acid or holy water or what ever it is that you super religious whackos do in your spare time other than reading the bible, cut yourself and listening to priests who molest children. what the hell! taking a screenshot of luke skywalker from star wars and throwing some horns and a tail on him does not make you right. listen, whackos. I belive in god, and i don't think the force is real. but i'm writing this now not because i don't dress up as jabba the hutt every weekend or because i go to church on sunday but because i think you guys need to check yourself into a mental hospital for scitzophrenia. because you are reading way too much into this and its just a movie. If we are all god's children, then we are all forgiven when we die; if we are truly sorry. but trying to convince me that when some guy gets to the pearly gates, he will be denied because he thinks he can pick up his lightsaber with his mind, ur crazy. Even if it did have a religious hidden meaning, it would be in the favor of jesus and his army of angels ANYWAY! if you haven't seen the movie, let me recap. darth sidious= bad, luke skywalker = good, look skywalker wins by using the force. it's saying luke skywalker (one of you religious whackos) beats the devil (darth sidious) by using the force which is the power of some weird voodoo religion where jesus rocks it hard. thats it. the end. and don't even get me started on yoda, that goofy green bastard is like a priest and touches... i mean teaches luke to use the power of the force (religion) to triumph over evil. derrr! I'm done... because if i think of your stupid message to star wars fans i'm pretty sure my nose is gonna bleed. simply by logging on to your website and reading your ideas, my IQ has now dropped 20 points. good job assholes. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU... I MEAN GOD BLESS. they are the same thing right?
Reader on 01.25.07 @ 01:53 AM PST [link]

Wednesday, January 17th


Love Jesse
Reader on 01.17.07 @ 12:16 AM PST [link]

Now... i know you think Star Wars is evil... and how some people take this stuff to far... but why only star wars? why not star trek? i see ppl dress up and march around. Lord of the rings? thats fictional...people take that pretty far too. Just because people enjoy the movie doesnt mean its an attack on YOUR religion. Now... I am Catholic...hardly anymore after taking a History course...and i like starwars... and id rather be know for a star wars geek than a man of religion if it means im going to be crammed in there with you assholes... seriously...seriously! wars? common guys. demons flying around and shit? i know Darth Maul may look a little weird but i can tell you guys arnt to culturally diverse... are black people demons also just cause they have different skin? people have their own choices to make but heres a different look at the movie that may make you think more..


Darth Sidious (the devil) sends his evil army (trade federation) to the peaceful people of Naboo to "blockade them" while he sends his "demon lord" Darth Maul to hunt down two jedi knights (angels). shit hits the fan and they discover...Anakin Skywalker. think of the force as a "higher power", and a tool to be used against the forces of evil....however the "dark lord" has his own force (dark side) to fight the light...kinda your satan vs god thing...

As Anakin grows up he gets seduced by the dark side by nailing his girl friend before they are married (isnt that a sin or something...doesnt matter! you test drive the car before you buy it) Anakin ends up joining Sidious who corrupts the galactic senate to become an Empire (oh no it looks like satans won). Anakin gets fucked up and is put in the Vader suit.

however thourgh his "sin", Vader fathered children, who grow up and are weened on the light side of the force and battle their own father for peace insted of hatred and corruption. Luke (Vaders son) learns to use the force (learns to use his faith to ward off satan) and goes off to fight Sidious and his father... when tempted to kill his father he throws down his weapon in defiance to Sidious' wishes and is then attacked by the dark lord... Vader, unable to witness his sons murder turns to his master and throws him off the balcony... saving his son... in the end we see members of the old jedi council... and Anakin... as blue ghosts (in heaven or whatever). good has triumphed through the hands of man/rodian/trandoshan/ etc, etc etc.... how is this bad? when people say they are jedi, doesnt this mean they are servants of the light? look for good and to help people? ISNT THAT WHAT CHRISTIANS DO? so what they may not believe in a bearded person floating in the clouds (which has as much evidence of being REAL as star wars does) but this force is the SAME FUCKING THING.

you are NOT going to hell for liking Star Wars. You will go to hell if you try to use your faith like your a fucking cop like these assholes are doing. "oh i believe in Jesus so im better than all you unless you join us". Boy you guys sound like fucking Sith. See the movies for what it is... ENTERTAINMENT. see religion for what it is.... A PERSONAL CHOICE. if people are entertained enough to say they are "jedi", who cares... its their personal choice. you, on the other hand, have no place to tell people what they can or cant do and flash Hell as some kind of "oh you'll be sorry" variable. Why the fuck is there a hell? $50 says Hitlers in heaven cause he said he was sorry. cause thats all it takes, right? there are millions of brilliant, muslims, buddists, etc etc and im sure they will be VIP in whatever kind of afterlife there may be...where as you guys with be like D listed for your ignorance.

But ive rabbit trailed.... Star wars is your basic evil vs good...where good triumphs... how is that a bad thing and who are you to criticise them for loving the film. many films are based out of star wars, as well as punchlines and all that jazz. The parade with the 501st marching in it was just a symbol of how much people liked the film and i feel sorry for the guys who hold up signs that means they clearly didnt enjoy what they were watching cause they were reading the bible. If the movie doesnt tickle your fancy thats fine... if you dont like what others are doing...thats fine. whats not fine, is parading around with your signs saying people are wrong and you are right... Christian superiority is all the same (hence me hating it). you all read the damn book too closley that its clouded your judgement. use the force my friends! feel the force flow through you! feel the force surround you and bind you. does this not seem like something biblical? SOMETHING FILLING US AND MAKING US CLOSER TO EVERYTHING. its called humanity and the only thing that tears it apart is RELIGION.

i deny the holy spirit, i deny christ, i deny God.... and ill see you in Hell

May the force be with you....always
Reader on 01.17.07 @ 12:15 AM PST [link]

Wednesday, January 3rd


Star Wars is a movie. If anyone believes that the force exists in real life is a moron. People that drive without their seat-belts because they think that are protected from the force are morons aswell.
I won’t get into more detail about the subject because you are too biased. I am a star wars fan and while there is a minimal danger that some people would believe that the force is real(some might say it’s inner strength) they won’t link it with Satan.
In addition how do you know, if we presume that this force exists that it’s not a creation of God. And if we take into consideration that God is the all knowing, possessor of absolute knowledge, can you judge if one of it’s creations are bad or good. Does yours and mine simple logic comprehend the plan God has fabricated from the beginning of time?
Be not quick in judging what evil is but first approach one matter free of prejudice.
I could write entire pages for this but I think that all would be in vain since you seem quite dogmatic in your statement that Star Wars is the work of evil.

Michael Y.
Reader on 01.03.07 @ 07:31 PM PST [link]

Tuesday, January 2nd

I Believe!

I believe that I am going to kill every person I see who dares to show that they will deny me the force. If you can use free speech to spread your hate, I will use free speech to shut you up.

I will Kill You and everyone you ever met.

A fan
Reader on 01.02.07 @ 05:20 PM PST [link]

Monday, January 1st


Star Wars is in the News again. And this time, George is winning. He was "Grand Moff" of the Rose Bowl Parade today. This is normally a fine family event, but Star Wars Worshippers had to ruin it. George was followed by a Storm Trooper Unit and Flying Men from Space. Is this the world YOU WANT TO LIVE IN? The ANTI-CHRIST is UPON US!

This Family Sanctioned Force Parade will destroy us all!

I went to this event in Pasadena and was MOCKED by people waiting overnight to see the Grand Moff himself. No one would let me get close to the street claiming they had camped overnight to see this spectacle.

When people mock us and say that it is "just a movie" why are they not alarmed when STORMTROOPERS walk the STREETS of AMERICA? PLEASE BELIEVE IN JESUS and not THE FORCE! Where was the JESUS FLOAT? And the God Troopers?

I pray for you all!

Mortimer Fontaine

P.S. I have a new voice message line! Send me a voice message at 610-980-5709

May JESUS be with you!
Mortimer Fontaine on 01.01.07 @ 11:37 PM PST [link]