THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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July 2005

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Saturday, July 30th


mood: Get it right up yae

Please guys! For a start doesnt YOUR religion say that anyone who loves their brother will go to heaven. Now I WAS a catholic, after realising that the religion was, in a word, bullshit, i became a student of the Shaolin Arts, I have achieved what I could describe as being a higher state of mind, and in truth, the only reason you are trying to say That Star Wars is evil is because in a way there is more proof of the Force being real than Jesus (by this i am refering to the Chi energy used by me and my Shaolin Brothers, so basically your just pissed that youve been following a bullshit religion
Reader on 07.30.05 @ 04:40 PM PST [link]

Thursday, July 28th

Are you for real?

mood: Confused.

So you people have done no research into the films at all then? You can't spell the charactor's names correctly and don't seem to know what the story is about, or even which order the films come in.

I'll try and keep it simple for you: The last film to be made, the one that's showing now, is the MIDDLE of the big story, it's called Episode III for a reason and there are six episodes all together.

The WHOLE story is about one man's fall from grace into the temptations of evil and his eventual final redemption when he 'sees the light', restoring peace and harmony once again to the galaxy.

Follow your religion if you must, but please stop inventing brainless tosh like this. All stuff like this does is annoy 'normal' people and make you all look like a bunch of brainwashed cretins.
Reader on 07.28.05 @ 02:28 AM PST [link]

Tuesday, July 26th

lemme get this straight...

mood: incredibly fucking confused

so the only part of this dumb ass page a read was the big ass quotes on the front page. the ffirst one reads something like "believe in the force and you're going to hell" and the next one reads "jesus is the force"
so... if i believe in the force im going to hell. jesus doesnt want me to believe in the force (assuming of course that watching a movie means you accept the movie as being REAL LIFE and not FICTION). BUT jesus is the force. so jesus doesnt want me to believe in jesus, and if i believe in jesus, jesus is going to send me to hell.
fuck it.

EDIT: and you believe in karma. fuck you morons.
Reader on 07.26.05 @ 01:11 AM PST [link]

Monday, July 25th

If these people can rock anyone's faith

Then you don't have any to begin with.

And if the ignorant believe that THIS is what religion and beleiveing are all about, there is no hope for them either.

There are two ways to salvation, as I see it. One is deeply rooted in faith, the other deeply rooted in self.

You can be of one, the other, or both. And when you find it, and feel it, you may have the urge to be an asshole about it and make everyone else like you, or not.

Most of us live in a society where we can be almost anything we want to be. Why chose to be an asshole? Unless that's your path to salavation---

Reader on 07.25.05 @ 10:54 AM PST [link]

Sunday, July 24th


To each his force... but this whole site has got to be a joke, now COME ON!!! big grin
Reader on 07.24.05 @ 02:21 PM PST [link]

Saturday, July 23rd

Hypocritical Nutcases

Star Wars is just a series of movies and good movies if I might add. I don't believe in the Force as a real thing. Those who do might be taking things a little to far (like you guys) but that is only a few compared to Christianity. I am not anti-Christian by all means but I have questioned my faith which is moslty the fault of hypocrits like who runs this site. How can you people talk about the love of Christ when you discriminate George Lucas by calling him a Jew. Jesus was a Jew for crying out loud and I know what you guys said earlier that he was also the Son of God but yet he was still a JEW! God has blessed the Jews according to the Bible. The Jews are God's chosen people according to the Bible again. You would think that you guys are the reborn version of Caiaphas. I was raised Christian but after attending Falwell's Liberty University, I started to question my faith especially when I heard a Pastor call those who don't beleive in Christ "Infidels". It is ignorant assholes like you people that makes people question their faith. Growing up, things were very rough for me, it was like a nightmare, and I went to church every single Sunday and even went to Bible school. I learned all the prayers and had a deep faith but not even that could help me. The same old stories never sparked my imagination that I needed to escape the world around me. It did not create the faith in myself that I needed. The one thing though that helped was Star Wars. It woke up my imagination, I started to dream of the galaxy far far away, I started to get back on my feet and become a better person. It inspired me to go for my dreams. It really changed my life and I know that some will think of me as crazy for saying that but even the simplest thing can improve a persons outlook on life and for me it was Star Wars. My role model is George Lucas cause his stories inspired me to dream of bigger things and to follow my heart. If this means that I will go to hell then I hope to see you there. God Bless George Lucas!
Reader on 07.23.05 @ 08:42 PM PST [link]

Monday, July 18th


I am ordering an R2-DEMON2 shirt. This is balls-out awesome!
I will soon make NERDS WET THIER PANTS!

fuck yeah.

Look at the bottom of the front page for details.
Reader on 07.18.05 @ 03:50 PM PST [link]

Friday, July 15th

Wow. I am underwhelmed.

However, can you make a t-shirt of R2-DEMON2?

I really would like one?

Anyone else with me?
Reader on 07.15.05 @ 05:32 PM PST [more..]

Wednesday, July 13th

Surely, you must be kidding?

music: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner - by Fall Out Boy
mood: Insulted.

You amaze me! I didn't think it was possible for one group of people to possess such a vast reservoir of undiluted gibberish! I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself on the Internet.

You don't really expect anyone to believe this drivel with the way you're presenting it, do you? I MIGHT have at least given it at least a second glance if at had least been presented in a semi-mature manner. You're shoving this down people's throats, and you are not willing to accept any other point of view as even remotely significant. Star Wars is a MOVIE. As in it's MAKE BELIEVE. Everyone knows this. Only a psycho would believe that the Force is real, so pulling the "Our friend believed the force would protect him a car accident" card seems quite pointless.

Your ignorance is encyclopedic. Please try to have some small idea of what in the hell you're talking about before you try to convince anyone else.
Reader on 07.13.05 @ 09:26 PM PST [link]

if to quote einstein

music: Bach's 7th symphony from the BBC

"There are two things that are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and i'm not so sure about the former"
Reader on 07.13.05 @ 04:50 AM PST [link]

Tuesday, July 12th

I pooped my pants with the force

Somehow I get the feeling that this is a very sophisticated joe. And the joke seems to be on those who jump to conclusions.

Or I am dead wrong and going to Hell.

Reader on 07.12.05 @ 05:17 PM PST [link]

Monday, July 11th

Maybe... Just Maybe....

Maybe YOU guys are actually tools of satan!
How can i be sure that you're not?? HUH??
And for a catchy little signoff....
Bigger than cheeses is bigger than jesus! BOOYA!
Reader on 07.11.05 @ 05:42 PM PST [link]

Friday, July 8th

Satan's Tool

music: Son of the Sun
mood: Confused

I will put it in three words...


Bloody cultists.
Reader on 07.08.05 @ 01:58 AM PST [link]