THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

July 2005

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07/23/2005: "Hypocritical Nutcases"

Star Wars is just a series of movies and good movies if I might add. I don't believe in the Force as a real thing. Those who do might be taking things a little to far (like you guys) but that is only a few compared to Christianity. I am not anti-Christian by all means but I have questioned my faith which is moslty the fault of hypocrits like who runs this site. How can you people talk about the love of Christ when you discriminate George Lucas by calling him a Jew. Jesus was a Jew for crying out loud and I know what you guys said earlier that he was also the Son of God but yet he was still a JEW! God has blessed the Jews according to the Bible. The Jews are God's chosen people according to the Bible again. You would think that you guys are the reborn version of Caiaphas. I was raised Christian but after attending Falwell's Liberty University, I started to question my faith especially when I heard a Pastor call those who don't beleive in Christ "Infidels". It is ignorant assholes like you people that makes people question their faith. Growing up, things were very rough for me, it was like a nightmare, and I went to church every single Sunday and even went to Bible school. I learned all the prayers and had a deep faith but not even that could help me. The same old stories never sparked my imagination that I needed to escape the world around me. It did not create the faith in myself that I needed. The one thing though that helped was Star Wars. It woke up my imagination, I started to dream of the galaxy far far away, I started to get back on my feet and become a better person. It inspired me to go for my dreams. It really changed my life and I know that some will think of me as crazy for saying that but even the simplest thing can improve a persons outlook on life and for me it was Star Wars. My role model is George Lucas cause his stories inspired me to dream of bigger things and to follow my heart. If this means that I will go to hell then I hope to see you there. God Bless George Lucas!

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