THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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July 2007

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Monday, July 30th

Your ministry!

I love star wars and you guys are major crackpots. And if i do go to hell for likeing star wars then ill see ya there, cause gods gonna send u ta hell for being stupid...



P.S. Nice youtube vids lmao!
Reader on 07.30.07 @ 10:49 AM PST [link]

Jesus(TM) points and on top of it all, t-shirts depicting our lord Jesus(TM).

If anyone would look at this 'fad' you and your peers have created out of a business perspective, they surely would come to the conclusion that you have succeeded, in making a sell able brand at the least. I'm surprised you are not on your way buying airtime on TV. Or at least having billboards up, depicting our lord in (if possible) more demeaning ways.
Of course, then you would need more public support, not solely people that like T-shirts of the 'Jesus shaves' variant.
Another strategy other then just pumping out posters of Star Wars and our lord might be handy too.

Do you know about pedophilia, racism, drunk driving, pro-abortion/anti-abortion and McDonald's ?
How about AIDS or awareness for less common diseases that currently don't get enough funding.
Global warming, Green peace, Communism, George W Bush, cheaper Internet, oil, Africa, Love peace and understanding.

I 'listed' these out of order, they are to illustrate a point i am making. ( I'm more of a George W Bush supporter/'womens right to choose'/McDonald's individual myself. )

I'm sure one would say these issues, some more then others, needs to find the "spotlight" and be brought up to attention then they are getting now. Example 1,2,3,4 :
1. Do the America a favor and raise public support for our churches !
2. You could spread the message the our president George W Bush is the best that has happened to America in a long time.
3. Your 'organization' could also argue that McDonald's cause our children to be fat !
4. Why not commit your 'organization' to support our troops overseas, by writing them letters/Emails.

The sky is the limit. I'm asking you and your peers why not do something that may perhaps make a difference?
Gather your community to aid parents that cant get food on the table, through your schools, workplaces or churches, or "just" spread the words of the bible to every corner.

Your 'organization' ( group would have been a better word ) have gathered under one roof, advocating for Christianity, that's super and you do it on grass root level, and I admire that.

But wasting all this talent, resources, trying to make our young citizens believe that Star Wars is evil.
I can see your goal, but what is the point? What meaning will this have in the long run?
By selling T shirts, that are in my opinion, depicting Jesus in a disrespectful manner, and then causing scenes and small protests. ( I have witnessed it, both in America and in Europe ). What do you hope to achieve?

There is much more to be done in the world and in our America, why even prioritize Star Wars to such a degree of importance in the first place ?

I'll finish here, i got convinced a mere minute ago that it would be pointless to go on, there's no point arguing or even talk common sense with your group.
Know what convinced me? My good friend defined 'Internet trolling' for me, i looked it up.
And hey, there it is:

" In Internet terminology, a troll is someone who intentionally posts derogatory or otherwise inflammatory messages about sensitive topics in an established online community such as an online discussion forum to bait users into responding. They may also plant images and data on networks that others may find disturbing (usually indirectly relating to the individual in person) in order to cause confrontation. "
- Wikipedia

Your are 'trolls', just not in a virtual community.

I will pray for all of you, and that you will regain your faith in our lord soon, and not continue to solely use him as a launchpad for your cause.
Jesus is not a gimmick, even though when you were growing up people were trying to make him one.

-Jack, 39, Swedish/American
Reader on 07.13.07 @ 10:24 PM PST [link]

Wednesday, July 11th

Satan's a tool?

I must object, not because I'm a star wars fan, but because the creator of the site I linked from seems to me to have watched the movies once and jumped immediately to the worst possible conclusion, overwhelmingly tainted by their faith.
I will not mock anyone for having something I do not, i.e faith, but righteous fire has to be exactly that, righteous.
These six small films (more 4, 5 and 6 than the prequels as they are pap), are a christian allegory; at no point in these screenplays is the idea of evil put forward as anything but a force to be battled, the pyhrric victory concluding the third film marks a coming darkness, yes, but only so it can be defeated. Don't forget that the protagonists of these movies are noble, honourable, self-sacrificing, brave, moral and work on the side of rightness. The 'rebellion' is faith, the empire 'satan' (I will not capitalise satan cos, as I said, me+faith=nope) and while the forces of evil triumph in some small ways throughout the piece, does that mean the entire film is a tool of satan? Does 'good' triumph in every situation?
I came from a religious background and was a churchgoer from an early age, though not through choice, I decided my own path when I was old enough to understand what was being preached; the opinion of the person who created the site I linked from attacked something they didn't fully understand, launching slurs and telling us all that if we watched this film we were damned and we worked for satan; they were trying to instil fear in people, to 'turn' them to their cause by corrupting an innocent piece of cinematography which, ultimately, actually supports right thinking and is an allegory for faith... wait... trying to corrupt something which tries to instil the values of christianity through a medium the young will listen to... hmmm.
Reader on 07.11.07 @ 07:03 PM PST [link]