THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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September 2005

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Tuesday, September 27th


Since 1999 we warned that the end times will be upon us with THE SEVENTH SEQUEL – and that time is now.

Sorry to break it to you, but Episode 3 is only the 5th Star Wars sequel. And since no more are planned, I suppose the earth will last forever since you'd need a 6th sequel prior to a 7th.

And there's no "h" in the character name Yoda. You sir are bearing false witness to Jedi.

George Lucas has actually stated "the force" was representative of God. So by discouraging people from watching the films, you're thereby pushing people away from God. Therefore to you I say, "Foul spirit I rebuke YOU in the name in Jesus!" - rob
Reader on 09.27.05 @ 10:04 AM PST [link]

I saw you on

You DO look like an anemic George Lucas - but a jewier one.

Fat fuck.
Reader on 09.27.05 @ 10:03 AM PST [link]

Thursday, September 15th

Star Wars

Let me preface this with the fact that I am a practicing Catholic first, and a Star wars fan second. With this in mind please read this letter and consider my points. I was quite distraught with your interview with IGN and my following visit to your website. 1st off, I think you shouldn't judge "Star wars" so quickly. watch the six movies (yes, there are 6: A new hope, Empire strikes back, return of the jedi, the phantom menace, attack of the clones and Revenge of the sith. With abortion, war, starvation and other such catastrophies happening in our country and around the world why would you choose Star Wars as a thing to denounce? You claimed many "black and white" references, which leads me to think that you are racist. Star Wars is an art form and should be treated thusly. No one believes that the "force" is real, it is only a metaphor for the power within us all, in all living things. Jesus is the real force, but this is not to say that the force in star wars is mocking him. It is giving us something tangible in movie form which upon reflection we can see is God, or Jesus. Your analogies are made from imagery.

Sigmund freud could link anything to sex, say everything is influenced by it, and you seem to be thinking the same way. You are blowing this way out of proportions, and I am scared that you went this far with it. I went to a Catholic High School where all the nuns were Star Wars fans. Please don't overlook this claiming that I am filled with evil, and take my points seriously.
May the love of Christ be with you,
Reader on 09.15.05 @ 11:47 PM PST [link]

Sunday, September 11th


What the hell is wrong with you people? Are you for real? This has to be some kind of joke? I thought I would see a bigger bunch of geeks than StarWars geeks, but today I have been proven wrong, terribly wrong!! If you guys actually think that StarWars is a tool of Satan, I think you need to re-evaluate your life. ITS A FRIKIN MOVIE!!! I dont hear people claming "The Matrix is the workbench of Satan" You guys are either faking this or were dropped on the head at your local church and brain washed by your pastor who was rejected for a role in a movie. Man, I just never thought I would see the day when a bunch of people holding shabby signs would be protesting the greatest movies of all time. There is nothing in these movies even close to "Satan". I admit that they do have a certain ring as to modern problems...but not the "TOOL" of the devil. You guys are "tools" tools of fools.

God help you all.

Reader on 09.11.05 @ 10:08 AM PST [link]

Tuesday, September 6th

Tool of Satan?

Please, this is the biggest load of bull since special K. God does not
exist, if so why would he allow the autocracy know as war and starvation
to run rampent huh? I have cursed the lord and used his name in vain,
and I have not been struck down.

If anything the force is more real than god could ever be, being
homosexual is a sin, so why is god not striking the gays down left and

My parents beleive there is a god just because 15 years ago when I was a
baby I had some unknown deseise, and they prayed, and the doctors did
everything they could and a week later, it just dissapeared.

Oh by the way I have to get this off my chest.... I am 99.9% positive I
am satan, because the lines on my left hand for a pentagram (the holy
sfive pointed star in the circle) either that or satan's my number 1
fan, or im just a loyal servent out to corrupt the sould of everyone so
that we can laugh and watch everyone burn....... that is of course
assuming god does exist..... so if he does, give him a message SMITE ME

And a coward GOD is hiding behind his priests and his angles, at least
satan has the balls to come out and do some work HIMSELF!

oh I do expect a reply from you if not.... well I shall just have to
come and steal your souls to add to my collection

William A.
Reader on 09.06.05 @ 11:03 PM PST [link]