THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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May 2005

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05/24/2005: "Amen."

Mortimer, Luke,

You are my heroes! It must have been very scary to stand in a pit of sin like that.
But then, you knew He was with you, so you were not scared, were you?

Bob said that he felt very sure that Jesus would protect him and even saw other good christians praying for you there as well and could feel the prayers of those far way even thought htey were not there and some say it is not logic! But it is fAith! That is the TRUTH.

I am praying for you.
Because you are right. I think you help all thos people to heaven.


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on Tuesday, May 24th, Greenness said

Now, honestly I think you're being very ridiculous. How many people do you know are woshipping Luke Skywalker as a god? How many are bowing down to a droid from the movies? Do you really know of anyone who thinks R2-D2 is a god?
How many people do you know of who are hanging on to Yodah's every word, praying he'll say something they need in one of the movies?
I don't believe your website, nor any of the posts in this forum, have explained exactly how Star Wars is "Satan's Battleground" for our souls. Do you truly have any legitimate support for making such a statement?
I'm also sure many people might find it offensive to call Jesus the Force when the Force is said to be just a field of energy. The T-shirt with Jesus in a ritzy suit looking like he's going to find himself a woman and promenading with the crown of thorns on his head just might borderline on being disrespectful to Christ and maybe sacrilege.
I believe your two statements, "The Force is a tool of Satan" and "Jesus is the Force" are a bit contradictory.

Demons don't need Star Wars to "be affecting their minds." However, it appears they would be gaining quite a bit of ground by distracting you with it.

Instead of focusing so much time on your anti-Star Wars spiel, I suggest you do some actual soul harvesting.

on Tuesday, May 24th, Lord Vader said

I pray for Mort and Luke for they need help

on Tuesday, May 24th, LOL said

Jesus Christ is in hell right now.