THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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05/24/2005: "Can you see the Star Wars and NOT go to Hell?"

Thank you for your message, Mortimer. It is important that we have this freedom.

I would like to start this conversation:
Can you see the Star Wars and NOT go to Hell?

My answer is YES. It is possible.

I think it is possible, if you are aware of what you are seeing. It is dangerous for some people, especially children, because they are not aware that demons could be affecting their minds. But if you know that it is dangerous and you pray, I think it could be possible to see the movie, have fun, and NOT got to hell. Seeing the Star Wars does not automatically mean that you will go to Hell. But it CERTAINLY greatly increases your chances and makes you more vulnerable to the influence of the Devil.

What do YOU think?

It would be great to have a discusssion about this with believers and non-believers alike. I know that when I talk to my fellow human beings about these matters we all learn a lot and grow. I think that He would approve of this type of talking and considering the other person and their point of view.

We DO respect other people and their opinions. BUT if people do not accept Jesus Christ as their saviour then they WILL end up in Hell. And I know that He would not want that.

We have a mission to save as many souls as we can from Hell.

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on Thursday, May 26th, guys need to kill urselves said

this is fucking funny there is no such thing as "demons" its just another thing to keep the god lovin cunts controlled.."oh no cant play video games they are evel and contain demons..." i mean grow the fuck up satan isnt going to kill you in your sleep tou wanna know why because he doesny exist just like god...

on Wednesday, May 25th, myself said

men, you're really wrong in the head, whoever might consider this sita has a bit of truth is really fucked up, maybe your mothers used to live next to a nuclear plant or something....

on Wednesday, May 25th, NNTK said

Congradulations my faith in Humanity is all, but shattered.

on Wednesday, May 25th, malachi hannibal banta said

ok people listen up. how come only christians, (*cough cough*) if that's what they can call themselves considerin' the fact that they don't even understand what it is to be a christian, get so riled up when people decide to believe in other religions? i'm a christian, christ is my savior, my brother, my king. but anybody that goes this insane because people wanna believe in "the force" is just simply retarded. to each his own. jesus didn't push his beliefs on other he just set examples and explained what he knew. he didn't bash people's beliefs 'cause they didn't wanna follow him. i found this website by a link on ebaum's world. ya know why it was there, on a comedy site. because it's completely hilarious. for the people that set up this website with all there insanity i think they're bein' satan's tools for the simple fact that it's idiotic radical christian fanatics like them who drive people away from believin' in God. maybe the website makers'll understand when they get brought up and hear how many souls thy drived away from God because of their fanatics and then get sent to hell to suffer in satan's asshole. fuckin' idiot people. get a God damned Life.

on Wednesday, May 25th, Warlock said

Heh. This whole Star Wars thing is comedy *GOLD*.

Of course evil is going to ultimately win in the new Star Wars flick. It's a story about how an evil empire rises to power and crushes all opposition.

We know good triumphs in the end from the original 3 star wars films. So there's nothing evil about this flick. Evil rises to power and crushes evil. Evil is then defeated by a new champion for good.

If you're a Christian, think of this as the rise of the Roman Empire. Films 1-3 reflect the Romans conquest of the globe.
Films 4-6, the "classic" Star Wars films could be used as an analogy of the fall of the Roman Empire (though i wouldn't go as far to say Luke was their Jesus figure. That's getting sketchy at best.)

Star Wars is FICTION. Maybe the reason Christians would be up in arms is because everyone sees the bible as FICTION too. Just with fewer lightsabres.

Oh, and whoever wrote this site needs to stop quoting revelations. That book's completely capped - they kept it out of the bible of a good 9 centuries because they knew people would misuse it!

on Wednesday, May 25th, Bob Dinkas said


I think they are crazy, but they're right. There are people who think the force is a real religon. Check out this link! I saw everyone here is insane!

on Tuesday, May 24th, Greenness said

Now, honestly I think you're being very ridiculous. How many people do you know are woshipping Luke Skywalker as a god? How many are bowing down to a droid from the movies? Do you really know of anyone who thinks R2-D2 is a god?
How many people do you know of who are hanging on to Yodah's every word, praying he'll say something they need in one of the movies?
I don't believe your website, nor any of the posts in this forum, have explained exactly how Star Wars is "Satan's Battleground" for our souls. Do you truly have any legitimate support for making such a statement?
I'm also sure many people might find it offensive to call Jesus the Force when the Force is said to be just a field of energy. The T-shirt with Jesus in a ritzy suit looking like he's going to find himself a woman and promenading with the crown of thorns on his head just might borderline on being disrespectful to Christ and maybe sacrilege.
I believe your two statements, "The Force is a tool of Satan" and "Jesus is the Force" are a bit contradictory.

Demons don't need Star Wars to "be affecting their minds." However, it appears they would be gaining quite a bit of ground by distracting you with it.

Instead of focusing so much time on your anti-Star Wars spiel, I suggest you do some actual soul harvesting.