THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

May 2005

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Tuesday, May 31st

I agree. Making fun of people who believe in Jesus as extremists who have no common sense is really offensive. Seriously, get a life. Carrying signs and making hate statements never draws anyone to a cause anyway. Quit misrepresenting Christians to the world. The media does a good enough job of making fun of us and damaging our reputation...
Reader on 05.31.05 @ 07:37 AM PST [link]

Get A Life

Dudes, I know it's a prank, but it's really, really offensive. Making fun of peoples' religion is barely a step up from pulling the wings off flies. Just what the world needs! Hate-based humor!
Reader on 05.31.05 @ 03:03 AM PST [link]

Monday, May 30th



THIS IS A PRANK SITE!!! dude, dont take this seriously...go on, click on pranks, and you'll see this website displayed proudly
Reader on 05.30.05 @ 01:51 PM PST [link]



THIS IS A PRANK SITE!!! dude, dont take this seriously...go on, click on pranks, and you'll see this website displayed proudly
Reader on 05.30.05 @ 01:50 PM PST [link]



THIS WEBSITE IS GAY!!! No one believes that STAR WARS will damn u to hell......besides, anyone with half a brain knows that this is a prank site...thus, no super-conservative christians know that LOL
Reader on 05.30.05 @ 01:44 PM PST [link]

Science Fiction Writer ORSON SCOTT CARD supports THIS!

I swear to God, I found this on the internet. People do believe in the Force as a Religion. These guys are TOTALLY right about that. (maybe not the going to Hell part) and Orson Scott Card echoes some of the outrageous claims in this website.

How bizarre. I thought this was all totally made up.

Reader on 05.30.05 @ 12:56 PM PST [link]

Sunday, May 29th

Sad people...

Just like a Christian to dictate what people should and should not watch...
People like the owners of this site are the MAIN reason I do not believe in organized religion. Nothing but a bunch of hypocritical, narcissistic, holy-than-thou, assholes. (Please, quote me on that.)

What gives you the people the right to tell others that what they are doing is wrong?
Personally, I always thought judgement was suppose to be left in your "gods" hands, not yours.
Sad group of people.
Really sad.

For some strange reason I'm getting this weird vibe that there are more *Important* things to worry about in this world, other than whether or not someone is enjoying a series of movies too much.
You people really need to get your priorities straight.

Reader on 05.29.05 @ 06:42 PM PST [link]

Friday, May 27th

Oh please!

Okay first off its a MOVIE and its PRETEND. Stop trying to think EVERYTHING is EVIL. My Gosh! Im a Christian and am proud of it but hoenstly don't take this stuff so seriously. Its from the mind of a very intelligent man who was doing nothing wrong. You all go on about how evil it is and so is Harry Pootter umm have you ever WATCHED the movie or READ the books you'll see that its not all evil. Relax its not that big of a deal and not all movies will have happy endings just like not EVERYONE's life will end happily ever after. Yes being obsessed with Star Wars is unhealthy but its not gonna make you go to Hell, honestly just shut up and try focusing on the positive things!! Gosh bunch of Jim and Tammy Fayes that made this website just calm down dont get so worked up about a silly fantasy story! Next thing this will be all over TBN "oh no star wars evil evil!!" ugh it really ticks me off people take this so out of context.
Reader on 05.27.05 @ 06:18 PM PST [link]

so i got it right now, read and behold morons

funny i couldnt find the proper way to post without making it a comment. I wish i could have a conversation with the person who created this site, Star Wars will take you to hell? Maybe, maybe not, but surely you could have at least thought alittle before you wrote, or done just a little research, if you believe this so much.... You state that in the final episode, evil triumphs over good? are you refering to the third episode? the newest release? if you do some homework, you will find that in what is actually considered the final episode of the saga, good triumphs over evil. SO if you pay attention, and notice there is in the beggining mostly good, then evil wins, then the suffering, and final salvation, what do you have? Revelations asshole, be smart the next time you decide to create a website. BTW, i wonder if you have ever taken a deep look at your religion?
Reader on 05.27.05 @ 06:00 PM PST [link]

Dog Doo

mood: Great

This site is dumb.
I'm sorry but Star Wars is no tool of Satan.
Why don't you open your hearts to the Lord by opening them to things that are there for FUN.
You even mispelled Yoda. If you're going to bash something.. at least do it the right way.
Reader on 05.27.05 @ 04:13 PM PST [link]

Jesus is the force?

I am having trouble figuring out what this websites message is exactly. On the front page of this site ( there is a shirt for sale that reads "The force is a tool of satan". Then a wall poster right below it reads "Jesus is the force". Im confused, are you saying that Jesus is a tool of Satan? That is exactly what those two statements in the same window would typically lead me to believe. What the shirt should say is " is using Jesus as a tool for personal profit". At least if is going to blatently exploit religion to make the All Mighty $$$, they could keep their phony message straight.
Reader on 05.27.05 @ 03:49 PM PST [link]

My Brother is Afflicted by the Force

Look - this is serious. I don't care what you people think about this site, or even Star Wars itself, but I have a brother who is totally wacked out. Not only did he stand In Line for Days for tickets to see the movie, but he spent all his money on Star Wars stuff. And he works at Starbucks (at least he gets health insurance - ha!)

It's sad.

But even more sad, is I've caught him in his room, in bed, staring at the ceiling. I asked him if he was on drugs, but he wouldn't talk to me. L8er he said he was practicing, "The Force." Now my family are not religious people or anything, but I think that maybe my brother is in trouble. He gets bad grades and stares at the wall and spends all his money on comics and books and stuff. What can I do to help him?
Reader on 05.27.05 @ 12:18 AM PST [link]

Thursday, May 26th

A Flaw in your argument.

music: Lumpy Gravy, pt. 1
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Your article about Star Wars is flawed, specifically the argument that Star Wars is a tool of Satan. Star Wars is not a tool - it is a series of crappy movies. George Lucas, on the other hand, IS a tool.

Reader on 05.26.05 @ 04:39 PM PST [link]

!! 3PO ISNT GAY !!

That sir, is an offence to everyone with an english accent. angry, grr
Reader on 05.26.05 @ 03:23 PM PST [link]

Prank Site

music: rhythmic thumping of neighbor sex
mood: horny as a priest on sunday

Just a thought fellow posters: If you're not sure it's a prank site, don't guess because you look extra stupid when you guess wrong. Instead why not look at the address bar of your browser next time... You know, it's the one at the top that says WHAT WEBSITE YOU'RE AT. If you do this, you will see that the parent site is . If you then navigate (I know it's hard, but hang in there) to this site and click on the "pranks" button at the top, you will see that your browser (see: address bar) is now at . Now what is that on the first page near the top? Why, it's a link to the toolofsatan page!! Go figure, huh? Well, better luck next time, and P.S. don't have kids, because if you do, you're just pissing in the gene pool.

Note to the prank site creator, while mildly entertaining for a few short moments, my dog shat out a better prank site yesterday.
Reader on 05.26.05 @ 03:16 PM PST [link]

It takes all kinds

First, even though Episode III is the last movie made, it is only the 3rd in the series of 6. So, the series does not end with Evil winning, Return of the Jedi is the end of the series and the forces of good win.

Second, I love the movies, but I'm intelligent enough to know that they are only movies. I don't worship them. I love the story line, the characters, and the whole universe that Lucas created. I also an a religious person, I go to church every Sunday and try to live my life according to the beliefs of my religion.

Are there extremists out there? Sure. There are for just about everything. You'll never get rid of them, and you will never convert them. That is what it is to be extreme. All you are really doing is pissing off the rest of us by lumping anyone who sees that movie as a bunch of satan/demon worshipers.
Reader on 05.26.05 @ 10:12 AM PST [link]

That fat dude

mood: unnerved

That fat dude in the first picture under your pictures/links content, the one with the lightsaber and the monk robe, is really, REALLY, ugly. He's quite possibly one of the ugliest people I've ever seen. It just boggles the mind how anyone could be that ugly. I'm actually offended.
Reader on 05.26.05 @ 04:40 AM PST [link]

Wednesday, May 25th

Get a life!!!!

GET A LIFE!!!! that's rediculus, it is just a fricking movie.
Reader on 05.25.05 @ 07:58 PM PST [link]


EVERYBODY uses Jesus to make money, first and foremost the churches planted on every other corner of any decent-sized city. I admire you guys for getting in on the action!

But I'm not going to buy your T shirts.
Reader on 05.25.05 @ 06:37 PM PST [link]


Wow, just... wow. This is possibly the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Real or not, It. Is. Dumb.
I won't attack you by pointing out all the reasons you're wrong, because just looking at your site, I really can't believe this is real.
Though I will say this, if it's a joke or not, you're making Christians look bad. You really are. And that's immature on your part. But the people you're making look the worst, are really yourselves.
You're idiots.

And, just in case this IS real, you've sinned in your website and statements more than Star Wars supposedly has.

And one more thing, I read you FAQ section, and on at least have of your replies, you didn't really even answer the question. Instead, you gave an answer that a little to do with the question, so it still sounded on topic.
A big sign of fakes.

Have a nice life.
Even if you're wasteing it.
Reader on 05.25.05 @ 06:31 PM PST [link]


You are stupid arrogant anus-heads.
Reader on 05.25.05 @ 05:25 PM PST [link]


If you think this is funny check out :
Reader on 05.25.05 @ 04:47 PM PST [link]

Mental instabillity

If the authors of this web site are really serious then they need to seek psychiatric help...or at least a better understanding of theology. Have you ever studied religion? You are either missing the point of Christianity or you are simply mentally unstable. I suggest starting with Joseph Campbell's :The Power of Myth. It may clarify some theological issues you are confused over. If that doesn't work, I could suggest a good psychiatrist. smile
Reader on 05.25.05 @ 04:41 PM PST [link]

I just *knew* the force was wrong

music: silence--music is a dangerous art too!!
mood: surprised

Thank you guys so much for pointing this out to me, I knew something fishy was going on. Yes, I have seen the starwars movies, and I have been addicted to them. I thought it was because they were so good, but now I know its because satan is in my mind making me watch them over and over. I am so ashamed. I will have to stop practicing the force because it was corrupting my mind. This morning I barely caught myself from using my lightsaber. Can you imagine what chaos that could have caused if I wouldn't have stopped myself? I would have been forced to go out and slaughter everyone because I think thats what the movies are telling me to do.
Well I have good news for you, I'm off the Starwars, and I'm off from practicing the force. Besides, you guys are right anyway. Even the Bible says that watching Starwars is wrong. How could I have missed it?! I think I'm going to be sick!
Well, I'm off starwars now. I think I'll go watch a Harry Potter movie instead.
Eternally grateful
natgirl razz
Reader on 05.25.05 @ 02:21 PM PST [link]

Im unsure what to think...

If this is a serious website, which at first I dismissed it as a childs joke, you should organize a little better. On your home page you have images that look ridiculous and I can tell you it will ditract many people and make them think your site is a joke. Now I dont agree with what you are saying, though I am just voicing my opinion. You have the right to believe in what you do, though I do think you should present it a little better. Im just letting you know that when I first loaded your page the graphics, looked like they were put together by teens just wishing to make a prank site. If you want serious readers get rid of the images, and maybe more people will actual read your site. In a sense, if what your saying is true, then you should change that because it is your job to inform people that what you are saying is true (in your belief).
Reader on 05.25.05 @ 01:22 PM PST [link]

this is ridiculous

You guys are using Jesus to make a profit and that in my own opinion is a sin....people watch star wars for the fun of it....pure shouldn't be so quick to judge others actions because there is only one you guys have nothing better to do with your time...there are many more important things in this world to worry about than people watching this movie....i know many christians that watch star wars....this is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever seen in my life...if you actually believe that people will go to hell by watching star wars then i feel it shows you have a serious lack of faith in God
Reader on 05.25.05 @ 01:21 PM PST [link]

OK- I was skeptical

But look at this:

Star Wars nuts might be nuttier than Christian Nuts.

No, wait. I take that back.

Phil S.
Reader on 05.25.05 @ 11:17 AM PST [link]

Dumbass People

Why are all you dumbasses writing in here? I hope you all go to Hell. My mother is a Christian and she says that this is the dumbest thing she's ever read. And she's read the Bible. If my Mom thinks you all are stupid, then you must be really stupid.
Reader on 05.25.05 @ 01:00 AM PST [link]

Tuesday, May 24th

Can you see the Star Wars and NOT go to Hell?

Thank you for your message, Mortimer. It is important that we have this freedom.

I would like to start this conversation:
Can you see the Star Wars and NOT go to Hell?

My answer is YES. It is possible.

I think it is possible, if you are aware of what you are seeing. It is dangerous for some people, especially children, because they are not aware that demons could be affecting their minds. But if you know that it is dangerous and you pray, I think it could be possible to see the movie, have fun, and NOT got to hell. Seeing the Star Wars does not automatically mean that you will go to Hell. But it CERTAINLY greatly increases your chances and makes you more vulnerable to the influence of the Devil.

What do YOU think?
Luke Fontaine on 05.24.05 @ 07:07 PM PST [more..]

A Serious Discussion

This webpage is for a serious discussion about the dangers in the media for our souls. We are happy to hear all points of view. Please keep the language clean and refrain from using the Lord's name in vain. Thank you. We are proud to be American. And in America people have the freedom of speech. We do not want to limit that, but let's keep this a constructive dialogue that all can enjoy and learn from.
Mortimer Fontaine on 05.24.05 @ 06:59 PM PST [link]

What are the Signs of Satan in Star Wars?

We all know that there are many signs in the Star Wars movies that signal demons and prepare people for the coming of the anti-christ. But what are they?

If you have seen the movie and you think you have seen some signs, let us know.
Bob Hammill on 05.24.05 @ 06:57 PM PST [link]

You Guys are Stupid

music: Death Metal
mood: Fucking Puppies

Why are you letting me post on your stupid blog? You are a bunch of fags. i hope Morty sticks a Lightsabre up Luke's anus and gives him Force AIDS.

You two are retards. cool eh?

Fuck You
Reader on 05.24.05 @ 05:36 PM PST [link]

Boing Boing Wrote About Star Wars being a tool of Satan, too

Star Wars: Satan's Tool
"Christians REJOICE! Jesus will lead us in a real star war - between the armies of Heaven and Satan. Believers will 'beam' up to the Starship in the sky, and Captain Jesus shall lead a thousand year Federation of Planets before Judgment Day!" Link. (Thanks, Dr. Spanglestein!) article
Bob Hammill on 05.24.05 @ 01:01 PM PST [link]

IGN Will Spread our Message
Mortimor Fontaine on 05.24.05 @ 12:34 PM PST [link]


Mortimer, Luke,

You are my heroes! It must have been very scary to stand in a pit of sin like that.
But then, you knew He was with you, so you were not scared, were you?

Bob said that he felt very sure that Jesus would protect him and even saw other good christians praying for you there as well and could feel the prayers of those far way even thought htey were not there and some say it is not logic! But it is fAith! That is the TRUTH.

I am praying for you.
Because you are right. I think you help all thos people to heaven.

Linda on 05.24.05 @ 12:30 PM PST [link]

The Force

May the Force of JESUS be with you all!
Bob Hammill on 05.24.05 @ 12:22 PM PST [link]

Thank you

Mortimor and Luke,

I just want to say Thank You so much for bringing with you to Los Angeles, Hollywood for the ministering of the souls in danger due to the star wars movies. It is good to fight the good fight and not the bad fight. Or the wrong fight.

Seeing the faces of those in danger, and feeling His love, assures me that we have done the right thing. Also, it was wonderful to have the support of our Christian brothers and sisters who stood with us even though they are not part of our movement.

You can count on me if you need anything.

Thank you and God Bless you,
Bob Hammill on 05.24.05 @ 11:51 AM PST [link]