THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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Home » Archives » May 2005 » Boing Boing Wrote About Star Wars being a tool of Satan, too

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05/24/2005: "Boing Boing Wrote About Star Wars being a tool of Satan, too"

Star Wars: Satan's Tool
"Christians REJOICE! Jesus will lead us in a real star war - between the armies of Heaven and Satan. Believers will 'beam' up to the Starship in the sky, and Captain Jesus shall lead a thousand year Federation of Planets before Judgment Day!" Link. (Thanks, Dr. Spanglestein!) article

Replies: 7 Comments

on Thursday, August 25th, Bingo Tips said

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on Sunday, July 24th, donnie said

The term "Idiot" would do no justice in describing the lunacy of of the sheep of organised religion but the plain stupidity of christian "fundies" is a complete anomally to anyone possessing the faculty of reason. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

on Tuesday, May 24th, Luke Fontaine said

We are not afraid of the truth - YOU are! The TRUTH is that if you believe in the FORCE you will go to HELL. It's that simple. Other christians are trying to take the weapons of the Anti-Christ and turn them against him - and that may work, but more likely people will grow confused and believe in the FORCE - not JESUS! What these people are doing is IRRESPONSIBLE! Your ETERNAL soul is at RISK!

on Tuesday, May 24th, Lord Vader said

Join me Luke, together we can rule the galaxy as father and son

on Tuesday, May 24th, Robby Avila said

Holy crap, you Christian nutjobs just LOOOVE to make asses out of yourselves don't you. Go fornicate yourself with an iron stick and leave the rest of us to enjoy a great movie series.

on Tuesday, May 24th, Matt Pryor said

you fools, the sith will rule all of the universe. we are more powerful than the powers of heaven OR hell. fuck jesus in his righteous ass with a red lightsaber!


on Tuesday, May 24th, John said

boingboing also mentioned another group that thinks the force is good... why do you iognore this? are YOU afriad of the truth?