THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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05/25/2005: "Dumbass People"

Why are all you dumbasses writing in here? I hope you all go to Hell. My mother is a Christian and she says that this is the dumbest thing she's ever read. And she's read the Bible. If my Mom thinks you all are stupid, then you must be really stupid.

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on Wednesday, May 25th, Tim said

You people give Christians a bad name. I'm a Christian and I cannot wait to see the movie. Why is your faith so weak and so feeble that you think a movie can threaten it? Do you have such little faith?

Get real, people. Satan had NOTHING to do with Star Wars. Although I am sure his fingerprints are all over 'Gigli'. That' the real abomination.

on Wednesday, May 25th, John Von Armstrong said

Look - you may not agree with what is going on here, but you are being rude.

Although come to think of it, this whole website is rude.