THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

May 2005

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05/25/2005: "Im unsure what to think..."

If this is a serious website, which at first I dismissed it as a childs joke, you should organize a little better. On your home page you have images that look ridiculous and I can tell you it will ditract many people and make them think your site is a joke. Now I dont agree with what you are saying, though I am just voicing my opinion. You have the right to believe in what you do, though I do think you should present it a little better. Im just letting you know that when I first loaded your page the graphics, looked like they were put together by teens just wishing to make a prank site. If you want serious readers get rid of the images, and maybe more people will actual read your site. In a sense, if what your saying is true, then you should change that because it is your job to inform people that what you are saying is true (in your belief).

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on Saturday, July 30th, Buy Propecia said

on Saturday, July 30th, Buy Propecia said

on Wednesday, May 25th, Jesus is a Tool of Satan said

Note: if you go to they explain the whole "contradiction"

on Wednesday, May 25th, Oi said your site... your belief totally strange. I don't think StarWars fans are "corrupt" So we like he movies. BIG DEAL. They are only movies.

on Wednesday, May 25th, mike said

Wow. Just Wow. I see your point however. People who are obsessed with Star Wars are satanic and corrupt. um...ok, we watch them because they are good movies and it does not send us to hell. I am a Catholic, and I like Star Wars. How does that affect my faith. Jeez. By the way, its 616, not 666. Scholars have found the real translation from the hebrew was never 666, but actually 616. Check it out on Idiots.

on Wednesday, May 25th, Hey,Zeus! said

I believe this site is utterly rediculous to say the least... and this site, from an extereme point of view, can also be "A Tool Of Satan". I can see two shirts for sale - one saying "The Force Is A Tool Of Satan", and the other saying "Jesus Is The Force" - one can conclude that this site believes Jesus is a tool of Satan. This is just an example of how wrongly thoughts can be interpreted; the same as this site is doing. Religion can be one of the most beautiful things, until mankind gets a hold of it.

God bless...

on Wednesday, May 25th, BITCHEZ said