THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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05/25/2005: "Mental instabillity"

If the authors of this web site are really serious then they need to seek psychiatric help...or at least a better understanding of theology. Have you ever studied religion? You are either missing the point of Christianity or you are simply mentally unstable. I suggest starting with Joseph Campbell's :The Power of Myth. It may clarify some theological issues you are confused over. If that doesn't work, I could suggest a good psychiatrist. smile

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on Thursday, May 26th, ice reaper said

star wars is a great movie and satan has nothing i mean nothing to do with it so razz razz razz razz razz razz razz razz razz razz razz and no im not a 7 year old kid im just a 24 year old big baby

on Thursday, May 26th, thisisajoke said

no one here is serious

on Wednesday, May 25th, Sam from the North said

Yeah! Go seek help... NOW!

Star wars is just a movie and not an anti-catholic one. And even if it was, bitching about isnt the Jesus way.

Cmon im sure Jesus woud be protesting about way more important issues. Here pick one (world hunger, war, racism, poverty, materialism, Star Trek)razz

Now leave Star Wars alone!!!!

on Wednesday, May 25th, Oi said

Dude, these guys ar crazy. THey need to realize that Star wars was just a movie. I agree they need help.