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05/25/2005: "Wow..."

Wow, just... wow. This is possibly the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Real or not, It. Is. Dumb.
I won't attack you by pointing out all the reasons you're wrong, because just looking at your site, I really can't believe this is real.
Though I will say this, if it's a joke or not, you're making Christians look bad. You really are. And that's immature on your part. But the people you're making look the worst, are really yourselves.
You're idiots.

And, just in case this IS real, you've sinned in your website and statements more than Star Wars supposedly has.

And one more thing, I read you FAQ section, and on at least have of your replies, you didn't really even answer the question. Instead, you gave an answer that a little to do with the question, so it still sounded on topic.
A big sign of fakes.

Have a nice life.
Even if you're wasteing it.

Replies: 13 Comments

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on Thursday, May 26th, joe said

er, I meant epic, sorry

on Thursday, May 26th, joe said

This is freakin hilarious, there are so many evil things about this world and the current times, but these freaks decide to pick on star wars, the greatest epoch ever made!!!!LMAO

on Thursday, May 26th, Lulu said

Wow... Even as a prank site, this place is sad. And Nocthal--maybe if you went to actual Christian sites, you wouldn't have such a negative view of religion.

on Thursday, May 26th, Matt said

These people are fucking morons.

on Thursday, May 26th, Wow said

I think these guys are nuts, but why do you want to tear down a website? Hack it? Are you some sort of Nazi loser?

These guys are assholes, but Sir , I hope YOU die.

on Thursday, May 26th, I love you all! said


Jesus is going to 0wn 4ll j00 n00b heretics in the judgement day

on Thursday, May 26th, You fucking bible thumping dickheads need to die said

All you fucking bible thumping cunts need to get back to reality there is no fucking god its the most fictional fucking story ever grow the fuck up. Starwars is a movie retards don't make shit up about ur fake god just to make fun of something your to incompetant to comprehend so stop fucking "spreading the word" of that fake bitch fucking assholes.

on Thursday, May 26th, Nochtal said

~Luke, Morty, satan has used you well, you judge, you play yourself as God himself, Judge not Lest ye Be Judged! You better know where I got that phrase from! I shall not judge you, for you have judged yourselves, I'm only going to admire the outcome, that you have commited blasphamy, by claiming yourselves gods by taking God's right to judge as he has proclaimed it as his right alone!

(I love having a pastor for a father! I'd show him the site, but he'd borrow my athame' to stab his eyes out to relieve the pain that such inadiquacy exists)

To all the site bashers, I support you in full. Some one just hack the site already and send it down.

on Wednesday, May 25th, some guy said

I hope you guys are not paying money for this site. This is modern day evangelism at it's complete worst. If this actually gets anyone to quit watching star wars, they are completely naive and gullible. This is crap. The only thing evil about Star Wars are the awful love scenes between Anakin and Padme. This guy i'm replying to hit the nail on the head when he said, "Though I will say this, if it's a joke or not, you're making Christians look bad. You really are. And that's immature on your part. But the people you're making look the worst, are really yourselves.". Just, wow.