THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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September 2006

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09/07/2006: "Kidding?"

Are you kidding me? this has got to be the most rediculious thing I think i've ever heard. My dear friends, I am a graduate of the Central Catholic School system. I am also a star wars fan. The difference between star wars and our faith....STAR WARS is a MOVIE! you are getting all worked up over a MOVIE! why? its not real, and ppl know its not real. However, if they enjoy it, if they made a connection with it, why try to ruin it? Music, movies, pictures...its all art, ment to express ones self. and if one person can connect with millions upon millions of ppl, then my friends, that's a GOOD thing. I think you missed the message long ago. and message is to LOVE EVERYONE. Not only that, but you have no say as to who goes to hell, or what will send them there. ONLY God can judge. Watching a movie will not send me there though, i can assure you of that.

by the way, you have a thing that says the force is the tool of the devil or something like that, but then on the same thing you say that Jesus is the force. Now, Im not sure if you are able to understand evil that well but perhaps some simple algebra will help explain what im trying to say
the Force = Tool of devil, Jesus = the force, Therefore Jesus = Tool of the devil..... not the message I think you want to be sending

and finaly, religion is a very personal thing. Add the fact that we are givin free will and can think for ourselves you should see that we all may not believe in the same things. Similar, but not the Same, that's why its called faith, cause it's what YOU believe. Think for yourself.

My faith is fine, i don't need to prove it to anyone except God. I beg of you please, to stop this non-sense, you're only making a mokery of yourself and I don't wish that on you, or anyone for that matter.

God Bless