THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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09/12/2006: "General Statement"

The first rule of a successful argument is having your facts correct. Errors in your statement. No character exists in the Star Wars universe named "Yodah" but instead the character is "Yoda." People are "beamed" up in Star Trek, not Star Wars. There is a big difference in the two series. Third, 99.9% of Star Wars fans realize that Star Wars is Science FICTION. Do I need to spell out FICTION again? Fourth, and probably most important to your argument, Star Wars does not mention God in any of the movies or the Expanded Universe books(I've read 70+). If you make the judgment after seeing the films that the force is above God, that's a problem you need to look within you own soul to fix not blame a movie. Star Wars was not an original concept. George Lucas has admitted that he borrowed from many areas for his story. Princess fights for the helpless. Princess gets captured. Old man, young boy, and disillusioned man start a quest to rescue her and complete her mission. Old man falls in battle leaving young boy to grow into a young man and rescue the princess. Disillusioned man has a change and in heart and acts decidely to defeat the enemy. And the heroes rejoice. This formula has been adapted as often as Tristan and Isolde (or would you be more familiar with Romeo and Juliet). To see the devil (as you refer to evil) you need only to look into your own soul. Claiming that a movie can corrupt your soul is an insult to what Jesus Christ gave his life for. When you write your statements remember the 2nd Commandment: Thou shall not take the Lord's name in vain. Don't put out your own point of views under Jesus Christ's name. You do very little to support your cause of showing the evilness of Star Wars, but come dangerously close to breaking the 2nd Commandment. If you believe that the "teachings" in Star Wars are wrong, by all means encourage people not to see it or pay it any attention, but please do not promote your own views as Jesus Christ's views. If I recall correctly the Bible also warns us of false prophets which is what you are coming across as.