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September 2006

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09/05/2006: "What are you Doing?"

Is this just another attempt to make Christians look bad?
We don’t go around pretending to be affiliated with other religions and making false claims about their beliefs and you shouldn’t either.

However, if you people are for real you need to stop immediately.
Movies are only for entertainment purposes only. They are not tools of Satan.
I am a devoted Christian who loves Christ and his message, and I have become more and more concern with the number of people turning away from the lord because of the perception given to them by organizations like yours. If anything Satan is using you to make Christianity and Jesus look bad, so that more followers will stray away from God’s word because of an image that you people have given Christians.
You have to be realistic and look at the bigger picture here. We want people to come to the lord for peace, love and eternal salvation. We don’t want them to think that Christianity is only about bigotry and damnation. The false image that you are painting of our religion is the reason why there has been a steady increase in atheism over the years. Satan may have an influence on your particular organization to drive people away from the lord. If you truly follow the teachings of Christ you need to stop dragging his name through the dirt.

Be safe and let Jesus show you the light.
- Paul