THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

October 2006

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10/03/2006: "...."

i would just like to point out that your beliefs are flawed....
on one shirt you have "the force is a tool of satan" and then on the next shirt you have "jesus is the force"
so if i am to understand you correctly, jesus is a tool of satan? and you claim to be "followers of jesus" wouldn't that make you a "follower of a tool of satan" or "idol worshipers" as you so like to cast blame and point fingers at people who happen to watch a be honest with you , you are giving george lucas too much credit in likening his movies to the 6 seals in revelations, and for the record they aren't making a 7th star wars, there were actually 9 original movies planned, so even your numbers are wrong,not to mention i believe you claimed that your (or one you endorse)program was the only one to "guarantee saving our eternal souls" that's blasphemey because according to the bible "i am {jesus} the way , the truth and the life , and no man can come to the Father, but by me." sorry but your program wasn't mentioned there.... seriously, find a new hobby.... how about instead of using your mooney to fund ridiculously unfounded ideas against movies and use it to build houses for the homeless or get medicine for the sick or you something Jesus would have done instead of focusing on trivial flicks that provide non-threatening entertainment... you can liken star wars to the 6th seals and armegeddon all you want , but the true fact of the matter is, you are wrong, it's a fictional story that has underlying good motives and wholesome ethics involved, even when Jesus wanted to give good guidelines for living he told parables which are fictional are chasing the white rabbit here give it up and do something productive with your lives. it's people like you "christians" that give the real ones bad names, there are more important things to deal with on this earth than a movie or even 6 movies. now in this little write up i haven't called names but instead explained with truth and logic (and yes even scripture from the bible) to explain why you are wrong, if you'd like to contact me with replies my email is feel free to drop me a line...