THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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10/05/2006: "Puhlease"

mood: Amused

As a Christian and Star Wars fan, I am slightly appalled and slightly amused by your claims. First of all, let me point out that people can make many things into idols to be worshipped whether it's the "force" their job, their significant other or anything they choose to love more than God. Star Wars is a form of entertainment. If people actually believe the force is real, than I suppose they also believe that the Death Star is real and that if they put their car into Hyperdrive they can travel at lightspeed. Come on, peeps. This is called fantasy. It's a moral tale of good overcoming evil. There are plenty of valuable lessons to be gleaned from these stories. As for people who actually believe in it, well, I suppose they have issues which cannot be addressed via one of your t-shirts (which I find quite freaky) or this website. I suggest you read some C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien. It's not much different, other than that they are widely known to be Christians and George Lucas is only known to have been a Methodist (which, if you don't know, is a Protestant Christian denomination). As for his salvation, I'll leave that up to God. It doesn't mean I can't enjoy his writings as much as I enjoyed reading "The Great Divorce" or "Lord of the Rings" and may I assume you don't have websites depicting Hobbits as demons or declaring gold rings a tool of the devil?

Separating fact from fantasy is something my four year old can do. If adults out there are having problems with it, than I suggest they see a psycotherapist, not buy a T-shirt with a devil R-2D2 levitating himself. Now that, my friends, is WEIRD.