THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

October 2006

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Thursday, October 19th


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ah well better to just go with the flow i think!!! HAIL SATAN! LMAO
Reader on 10.19.06 @ 03:53 AM PST [link]

Errrm what?

OK first off: THIS IS FICTION it is supposed to be fiction. Its based on nothing more than someones imaginations and good values like friendship, love, fighting against those who would seek to do us harm.

Second: George Lucas is a follower of at least a branch of the Christian faith so i doubt he for one would do anything "Evil" or for "Satan" or "The Devil".

Im not a Christian but i have read the Bible (along with texts from other faiths) and i doubt the God you believe in would be to happy with you spending so much time attacking a film rather than aiding the needy or unfortunate as The Bible says Jesus did. Shouldnt you be emulating Jesus? Shouldnt you also be practicing the core value of your religeon which is FORGIVENESS. So even if you refuse to change your view you should be forgiving those who made and those who watch this set of movies?

Lastly i have to say i dont know why you added those YouTube videos to your site because you just come across as very foolish in them.
Reader on 10.19.06 @ 03:40 AM PST [link]

Monday, October 9th

Visit this website, arguably the largest christian website on the net, praising star wars. You would argue with your own kind?
Reader on 10.09.06 @ 04:31 AM PST [link]

Looks like you guys aren't the most popular of people are you? I'm a Christian, I believe in God and that Jesus died for us and I pray and worship.
But you people are something special, something unique. I don't know what goes through your heads when you print this stuff. You push your ill-researched views (which are incredibly illiogical) onto people who, are probably religious anyway; be it christianity, jewdaism, buddhism etc and expect that you won't get lambasted for your efforts. Can you not see that this is wrong? How can you stand in front of hundreds of people and tell them that they are going to descend into that fiery wasteland we call hell? Surely only God knows where we will all end up, how can you decide if a film (yes, it's just a film) has the overwhelming power that it will send you to hell? Are you suggesting that people who watch Star Wars are to have the same fate as someone who has murdered families and destroyed lives? How can these be put on par with each other?

I love the Star Wars films, they excite me and they bring great enjoyment to my life. However, Jesus does this same thing ten-fold. You wish to stop people from engaging in such a harmless activity as watching a film?

Something I was reading on your website angered me. You make note that George Lucas is Jewish therefore he wishes us all to go to hell. Am I to trust that you are anti-semetic? George Lucas is actually Christian and, if you actually do your research my friends, you will realise that Star Wars is a Christian story, much like the Lord of the Rings and the Narnia Chronicles. I shall explain: There is the good side (light side) which can be alluded to Christ and there is the bad side (dark side) which can be alluded to all the bad things in the world or satan, as you may say. The story is about close friendships being forged, loving each other (When Han saves Luke in the Death star trench) and forgiveness. Luke forgives his father for his wicked deeds and so his father is save by the light side. It shows that even such a dark and twisted figure has a hint of compassion. Aren't love, friendship and foregiveness core beliefs in Christianity. Ben sacrifices himself to help Luke, as Jesus sacrificed himself to help us.

The force is made up. No such thing. Full stop. Nothing to do with 'demons'. By the way, have you ever in your life encountered a demon? No, so how do you know how a demon acts? You say using the force is like what a demon does, yet surely you have never seen a demon.

The pictures on your website are quite offensive. You have a picture of Luke and Leia and scrawled on in red you have the word 'Whore' over Leia. This is a perjorative term. As a christian do you think it is good to say these things? I wouldn't hear my vicar saying someone was a whore, especially when they were not meaning prostitute, as leia in the films is not a prostitute, in fact she never has sex in the films at all, even waits until wedlock to have two children.

I hope you read this and think about it. Think about what you are preaching and what the message you are sending out really is.

If you would like to contact me you can email :

Reader on 10.09.06 @ 04:18 AM PST [link]


mood: Amused

As a Christian and Star Wars fan, I am slightly appalled and slightly amused by your claims. First of all, let me point out that people can make many things into idols to be worshipped whether it's the "force" their job, their significant other or anything they choose to love more than God. Star Wars is a form of entertainment. If people actually believe the force is real, than I suppose they also believe that the Death Star is real and that if they put their car into Hyperdrive they can travel at lightspeed. Come on, peeps. This is called fantasy. It's a moral tale of good overcoming evil. There are plenty of valuable lessons to be gleaned from these stories. As for people who actually believe in it, well, I suppose they have issues which cannot be addressed via one of your t-shirts (which I find quite freaky) or this website. I suggest you read some C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien. It's not much different, other than that they are widely known to be Christians and George Lucas is only known to have been a Methodist (which, if you don't know, is a Protestant Christian denomination). As for his salvation, I'll leave that up to God. It doesn't mean I can't enjoy his writings as much as I enjoyed reading "The Great Divorce" or "Lord of the Rings" and may I assume you don't have websites depicting Hobbits as demons or declaring gold rings a tool of the devil?

Separating fact from fantasy is something my four year old can do. If adults out there are having problems with it, than I suggest they see a psycotherapist, not buy a T-shirt with a devil R-2D2 levitating himself. Now that, my friends, is WEIRD.

Reader on 10.05.06 @ 03:11 PM PST [link]

Wednesday, October 4th

you are the devil!
Reader on 10.04.06 @ 04:02 PM PST [link]

Tuesday, October 3rd

This Shit is Real


I think these guys are wak, bt they are right about one thing:

People really believe in the Force. I don't care, really, but tdon't you think that these peoopkle are takin it TOO SERIOUSLY? I think everyone should just calm down.Who gives a shit?

Reader on 10.03.06 @ 04:18 PM PST [link]


i would just like to point out that your beliefs are flawed....
on one shirt you have "the force is a tool of satan" and then on the next shirt you have "jesus is the force"
so if i am to understand you correctly, jesus is a tool of satan? and you claim to be "followers of jesus" wouldn't that make you a "follower of a tool of satan" or "idol worshipers" as you so like to cast blame and point fingers at people who happen to watch a be honest with you , you are giving george lucas too much credit in likening his movies to the 6 seals in revelations, and for the record they aren't making a 7th star wars, there were actually 9 original movies planned, so even your numbers are wrong,not to mention i believe you claimed that your (or one you endorse)program was the only one to "guarantee saving our eternal souls" that's blasphemey because according to the bible "i am {jesus} the way , the truth and the life , and no man can come to the Father, but by me." sorry but your program wasn't mentioned there.... seriously, find a new hobby.... how about instead of using your mooney to fund ridiculously unfounded ideas against movies and use it to build houses for the homeless or get medicine for the sick or you something Jesus would have done instead of focusing on trivial flicks that provide non-threatening entertainment... you can liken star wars to the 6th seals and armegeddon all you want , but the true fact of the matter is, you are wrong, it's a fictional story that has underlying good motives and wholesome ethics involved, even when Jesus wanted to give good guidelines for living he told parables which are fictional are chasing the white rabbit here give it up and do something productive with your lives. it's people like you "christians" that give the real ones bad names, there are more important things to deal with on this earth than a movie or even 6 movies. now in this little write up i haven't called names but instead explained with truth and logic (and yes even scripture from the bible) to explain why you are wrong, if you'd like to contact me with replies my email is feel free to drop me a line...

Reader on 10.03.06 @ 04:40 AM PST [link]