THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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February 2007

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02/12/2007: "I can't believe it."

I can not believe how you can be so sloppy while making this site. Do you not understand that by using the font Helvetica in your code you condemn all who read it to hell? Helvete is the swedish word for hell, and being from the most pagan of countries, simply uttering the word will cause God to look down on you with shame, Jesus will cry tears of blood and Satan will snatch your soul right out of the hand of redemption.

I do not understand how you misled people can complain about movies without seeing the real issues in the world, like people programming in Visual Basic, Microsoft being allowed to be run by the devil himself, USING HELL IN YOUR CODE!

Seriously though, if you guys honestly believe this, you're not even pathetic, you're satans tool being used to scare people into giving you money. On the other hand, if you do it for donation money...right on smile

Been a christian for most of my life, choose it meself way back and all that. But I must say it hasn't made me this ignorant or stupid as you are. Tell me how you managed it, and i shall live in ignorance and bliss smile