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February 2007

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02/23/2007: "a letter"

i will start off by saying that yes i am an atheist. But i have nothing 
against religion. Some of my best friends are religious, be it Christian, 
Jewish, Muslim or Hindu, and i respect them for this. I only have one 
problem with religion. And that is when you interfere with other people's 

What is so bad about star wars? It was written and created by George Lucas, 
a Jewish man so it cannot be a film against God. The only possible thing you 
can take offence to is anything you may feel it says about Jesus (the one 
thing that separates Christianity from Judaism). But why is this so?

Also you claim in your video that the whole star wars world is not real, it 
does not exist. But i could equally say that God is not real. You have about 
as much prove for God as i do for Yoda!

Another thing to add is that no on (to my knowledge) take Star Wars as 
seriously as you make out. It is true that in the UK so many people put down 
'Jedism' on the national census that it almost became a tick box on the next 
census. I know a great number of people who did this, but they did this as a 
joke. They were all Atheists or Agnostics who thought it would be funny. And 
it was! This is because they have a sense of humour, unlike you!

You can go ahead thinking that i will go to hell because i fail to recognise 
Jesus. But if you do then i shall condemn you to hell for failing to 
recognise people's free will to watch what they choose and think what they 
choose. What gives you the right to judge me for not believing in something 
that is not emirically verifiable (...reach for the dictionary).

I even attended my friends Bar Mitzvah a few years ago. When passages of the 
Torh were being read out i still believed that there was no God. But i kept 
it to myself. I saw that it made the people in the room happy to believe in 
God. Much like it may make people happy to believe in the force. Just leave 
them alone. They are doing you no harm. Mabye God doesn't want you to save 
these people like you so claim on your website. Mabye he should get off his 
arse and do it himself!