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Deleted Fingers

A book is only so long. Here we detail the parts of this website that feature crap that didn't make it into the final book.

Why would someone want to do THAT?

Well... some of it was cut because it didn't physically fit into our allotted page amount. But only some. The rest was clipped because it was too "offensive," "tasteless," and legally sketchy. All things the average reader of Ooze wouldn't blink at. Ever.

So if you've read the book already, think of this as your 'Guide to the Leftovers'.


Our publishers felt that opening up the book with a picture of a crucified Jesus giving the finger from the cross was a "bad idea". Originally Jesus was supposed to grace one page, and Satan the other. Between them was to be text on the scholarly debate of biblical offensive finger gestures which does appear here.

The Museum of Something in Italy refused to let us print a photo of Galileo's Finger in the book because it was not a "scientific endeavor".".

The rest of the chapter is a much abridged version of the one in the book, but contains new research about the Greeks and the use of the leather phallus in ancient comedies.

Famous Fingers 

DON'T MISS! The entire chapter presented on the website is NOT IN THE BOOK. We discuss in detail several celebrities who REFUSED to give us the finger... and why:

Jenny McCarthy - listens too much to her handlers.
Lenny Nimoy
- loves Tuna.
Tracey Ullman
- simply hated us.

A story on how the lead singer of Green Day beat up a girl at a concert who he thought flipped him off.

A link to the hottest CENSORED celeb. photos we were FORBIDDEN to use.

Also- alternative photos of Ice Cube and Julie Delpy.

Foriegn Fingers 

Offensive gestures from around the world keep rearing their ugly hands. Featuring three unpublished pictures of Jack the Sailor and 8 new offensive gestures, this is one page you won't want to miss.

Gallery of Fingers 

We found thousands of images for the book, but could never publish them all. In this section we have alternative photos we never used, reader contributions, photos of questionable legality, and movie files we scoured from the web.

News of the Finger 

The NEWS section adds some late-breaking stories that came to our attention after the publication of the book.

1000 Faces of the Finger 

There are many many different ways to give the finger. Some of these ways, our publisher again decided were too offensive for a general audience. The Space Shuttle Challenger particularly horrified them. I guess it was the visual imagery of Sally Ride's ashes orbiting the planet.

Silly publishers! Everyone knows her body was vaporized before it ever reached space! Other verböten gestures follow.

Fingers in Film 

A look at some more notable finger flips in recent films. Also- exciting finger stills from SHAFT and EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE featuring Clyde the Orangutan showing off his simian sidekick.

Medical Finger Maladies 


The chapter on Ways you Can Lose your middle finger was Mammoth. Our publisher said, "Please. What does Gangrene have to do with the middle finger?" Well, lots... if you ask us. And a really gross picture.

Learn about the International Society For People Without Their Middle Fingers and how you can help them educate people to stop them from taking unnecessary risks!

See a picture of Hitler stealing Star Trek's Scotty's middle finger in this BANNED photo. According to those objecting to the photo, "Hitler looks too triumphant."

Jerry Garcia's full finger amputation story was deemed unsuitable.

Leprosy is not for the timid.

Farm Machinery can grind fingers into pulp.

The Dani Tribes of Papua New Guinea ceremonially remove the middle fingers of tribeswomen. Don't let this happen to you!

A treatise on the physiological process that occurs in the body before, during and after you give the finger. Considered too long-winded to publish.

Fingers O Plenty

Most photos and graphics in this website ARE NOT in the book! Just flip though to check out the cool pics!

All FINGER FACTS are New and Improved- On every page! Also- new graphics are sprinkled throughout the chapters. Be anal and figure out which ones are different!

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