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Ooze Presents:
- a definitive look at the world's most popular insult. Where did it come from? What does it really mean? And why is it so offensive? From ancient Greece to the modern day, THE FINGER unclogs the filthy heart of a cultural phenomenon.

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Chapters You Are Missing
Finger: On The Road
Where are most people pissed off? Inside their cars! Take a finger-filled Ride on the highway to hell.

Don't Take My Picture, Asshole!
Reflections on the slavery of family photos and how to set yourself free.

Fingerball: The Finger In Sports
Baseball, basketball, even synchronized swimming—No sport is immune to the adrenaline-pumped charge of a flipped bird.

Finger Food
You can't go around angry all the time without sustenance. Enjoy a few recipes for the enraged and the famished.

The Finger and "The Man"
Is the finger "obscene?" Are flip-offs protected by the First Amendment? Finish this chapter and open your own law practice.

Finger Fun
Forget all this pseudo-intellectual discourse—grab your crayons and have some good old fashioned finger fun!

Finger 3000
What does the future hold for the finger? Read our theories, then  ask a psychic who knows better.

Proof we didn't make this up.

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page tells you what material on the website wasn't allowed in the book.

Table of Contents
New Content!
An update on the newest in Finger News and happenings.

Finger on the Radio (new)
New York City news radio 1010 WINS reports on the Finger and interviews author Matt Patterson. (1.5 meg MP3)

Celebrate the Rage! An overview of the world's nastiest gesture.

Tune in, Turn On, & Flip-off (How to give the Finger)
Technique and practice are components of every good finger regimen. how to make the most of your fist of fury.

The History of The Finger
Follow this vulgar digit from ancient Greece to Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. An insignificant journey through time. (Very Abridged version from book)

Finger in the News
The finger frequently makes the 11 o'clock news- and we're here to report on it. Five recent news stories collected for the first time.

Finger of 1000 Faces
Study many variations of the bird, Win a free gift! (Very Abridged version from book)

Famous Fingers
Is the finger an image maker or an image breaker? Celebrities show you where to stick it. Features ALL NEW PICTURES and TEXT not found in book.

The Finger In Film
This page features some of the most influential middle fingers in cinema appearing after the release of the book.

Ways to Lose Your Finger
The finger seems powerful and mighty—but it's only flesh and bone. This page features ALL NEW material.

Foreign Fingers
Offend people around the world with their native insults. Many new ones unearthed for online edition.

Test Your Trigger Finger
Are you ready to give the finger at a moment's notice? Or are you just a big pussy?

Gallery of Fingers
Finger photos, videos, animations, reader submissions and more

Hate Mail
You Hate us! You really Hate us! We sift though a year of mail to bring you the very best.

Finger Links
It's not a web site without a monstrous collection of our fave links. Weird ones, useful ones, skinny ones, reader's pages, and some of our numerous awards.

Finger Manifesto
Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro and Nipsey Russell have nothing to do with this revolutionary treatise.


The  Finger: A Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Off by M.J. Loheed, Matt Patterson, and Eddie Schmidt with photography by S. Herstadt is available here online and at bookstores everywhere!

The Finger is Copyright 1998 by the authors
Ooze is Copyright 1994-1999 by
Matt Patterson

Table of Contents

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How to Give THE FINGER

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