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Gallery of

People love flipping off. Get any "joker" in front of a camera and up flies a bird faster than you can scream, "Kindly refrain from pouring hydrochloric acid down my throat." Not that you are in the habit of saying that too frequently.

During the course of our extended study of the finger we encountered lots of photos. Mountains of them. Admire them all.

Alternate Book Shots
Reader Fingers
Fingers from the Unknown
Moving Fingers

This is an alternate shot for the HUBBA HUBBA cover shoot. See more photos like this in the lovely PRINT version of the book.

Original Cover
Love my Urinal
Send in the Clowns

The clown didn't really want to give us the finger, thinking it would tarnish his image. Please.

My Girlfriend

An outtake from our other HUBBA HUBBA shoot. This model, Missy Gibson, has a band - BREECH. The cake is made out of wood.

This is the original cover photo we used. It's sort of a Lady of the Lake concept. We nixed it when we got to do the 3-D lenticular photo of the finger flipping you off instead.


Girls + Rollerskates = Hijinx!

My Father

Those business dinners can get wacky.

finger fuck
The "art" of Finger Fucking involves inserting said digit into the open vaginal orifice and  stimulating it. Red furry slippers and paisley sheets are optional.
Loch Ness Finger

This computer simulation of the Loch Ness Finger was suppressed by the authorities.

Reader Fingers

We asked for Loyal Ooze Readers to please send us any photos they had of themselves flipping people off. Here's the best of the lot. You can still send us your stuff and we'll put it here!

Finger from Down Under
Dr. Erick

Dr. Erik plays with firearms and his hair.

These blokes from Down Under give us a special hello from the Southern Hemisphere.


By the glow of his trusty monitor, our faithful warrior demonstrates his Web-Cam

A Boy and his Father

Please Mom! Not again!

Fingers from the Unknown

We tried to track down the creators of all the finger photos we could, but some eluded us. Are you the creator of one of these excellent works? Please let us know you are alive!

Little Kids are a Hoot!

This is a fantastic picture. A local restaurant uses this photo as their logo, and refused to tell us who the photographer is. Screw you!

baby gives fingerThis one is all over the Internet, usually with a "clever" tag line like, "Got Milk, asshole?" written over it. 

Penis GnomeDo you want to adopt this cute, homeless little circumcised gnome? He doesn't bite too hard and has a nose-hair problem.

Moving Fingers

These little animations can be found on various websites. The Quicktime film of the two girls is worth the download if you have the digital pipin'.


This anatomical study is from here.

 becky and allie movie

Becky and Allie (1.5 Megs)
Who are Becky and Allie? Dragged into a wooded lot by an overbearing adult they are quizzed about "what they want to be when they grow up."  The one on the right is very articulate. Visit their website.
Weird German Finger Movie

What's up with Germans? This odd animation follows a hiker who goes through Finger Mountain, and a kayaker who flies off a waterfall. What does this have to do with the finger? Not much, but it is from Germany- which may explain everything.

Finger Quiz


Hate Mail


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