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XGatas Parliment is a Norweigan Communist rap group that makes up 67% of the funk in that country, and 100% of this website. Even though the bulk of it is in indecipherible Norwegian, there’s enough English to undestand what’s going on. Read (what you can) of their bios. Don’t they look cute? Then check out lyrics like this:

I Ain't no nigger from Compten[sic]
but I really wanna bee[sic]
'Cuz living in poverty
sounds like a lot of fun to me!

Sure, these young Red Shirts may want to overthrow their parents capitalist agenda, but that doesn’t stop them from Rockin’!

Halloo! Kult? is the wacky Yahoo! parody... but in Norwegian! Check out his reviews of sites, like the Seinfeld Home Page- "Er du også fan av denne serien? Her er den offisielle hjemmesiden!" That George cracks me up too!

XMullet Watch Mullet is a term for a type of haircut best described as short-in-front-long-in-back. The type of haircut worn by a particular male country star. The type of haircut (shudder)... I used to have. This site has pictures of all kinds of mullets from Brad Pitt’s celebrity bouffant to random hair sculptures found on the web. There’s also a list of hair-related links for visiting fetishists. Hair doesn’t grow like this naturally, and Mullet Watch is about the only place you can go to celebrate this visionary art form.

X Thank God for places like The Prayer Room. Simply submit a name, an email address, and what troubles you and it gets posted at the bottom of the page. Then read through the list of requests and pray for everyone on it. You can even email them some spiritual encouragement. If God does answer your prayer, post it on the page so everyone can celebrate His greatness. The site’s clunky organization and simplistic graphics don’t hardly hamper the pure functionality of this divinely inspired bit of HTML. Many of these people obviously need all the help they can get.

XSpooky PEZ WARNING! PEZ aren’t the lovable li’l icons people make them out to be, but in fact are the most evil candy on the market today. The Spooky Pez Page was created to expose this child-damning conspiracy and save millions of unsuspecting tykes. Can’t you see the Evil Skull Dispenser laughing at YOU? Anyone with children should heed these warnings. Be sure to catch the letters section filled with the ignorant pleas of PEZ defenders. They’re just minions of Satan. Now if people will only listen to my warnings about the Scary Snickers and Creepy Cracker Jacks. BEWARE!

CyberPoop Mania Online is a zine dedicated to shit, poop and other forms of solid excrement.

Girls on Film is a bunch of chicks who review flicks. Write and ask for .gifs of these four cuties so you can identify them at the popcorn stand!!

Bluesock is a feminist zine that has a good blow job cartoon and an oddly erotic feminazi photo.

California's Glamour Girls Callendar ON SALE NOW! It's never tool late for cheesecake! See the ad I designed that graces our Showgirls movie review.

Want to be an Escape Artist? This site not only caters to all your handcuff, chain and security paraphanalia mail-order needs, but inspires you onward to Houdini-like fame with the story of a "successful" contortionist.

Ever wonder why you don't see Alan Hale (the Skipper) around town anymore? Has Nipsy Russell finally fallen off the face of the Earth? The Dead People's Server settles wether a celebs is dead, or simply just might-as-well-be dead.

AndyHavoc's Journal is the story of a poor Polish boy and his adventures in America. My fave feature of this alien land is the Slur Word of the Week, which teaches you to insult every ethnicity equally!

Steve Waggle's Wacky Homepage! Read about that Wacky Steve Guy and his adventures which are updated monthly. I like his pathetic story and pictures of a runaway model airplane best.

Feff world is a cool humor site that has a FAQ file (sort of hidden) that I wish I had thought of. I always get asked questions about American History and Physics too.

Kinky Joe's is the supplier of the popular Bend Over Chair and Oral Sex Chairs that are in everyones' dining rooms these days. The IKEA of "erotic furniture".

EAROTIC is an audio porn site. Parabolas never looked so curvatious!

Old Bean's Page is full of purient, twisted pictures, including the most amazing puke picture of all time. A sharp photographer captured a puke flume mid-air as it spews from a frat boy's mouth onto a score of onlookers. Very poetic.

Gecko's Puke Page attempts to cover the same topic, and he's currently gathering stories and photos for it. His site is rated at the "Bottom 95%" of web pages, so it's got to be good.

Turk's Homepage doesn't have much puke, but it's pretty deviant, and I got a bunch of these links from his postings to the Deviant mailing list.

Chuck's Weird World has got pictures of Today's Poop, an official NASA treatise on sexual intercourse on board the space shuttle and more...

Proliferating like maggots in a fresh corpse, you can't take two steps without tripping over yet another site featuring Pictures of Dead People. I guess I must just like 'em.

Scott's Page of Evil lashes out at people and things that suck and should be expurged from the planet.

Augmented Thought augmented my thinking.

Ooze Appears Here

Zone magazine featured us as their first "Zine of the Week" a while back. Go there and VOTE for Ooze as your fave zine.

Of course, a link to Ooze appeared in an article in HotWired, "The Birth of Way New Journalism", as something "striking". Why can't they buy Ooze out like Suck?

WRKR 107.7 FM's "wacky DJ" Alan Cox put us on his radio station's site. Check out his headshot! Why are all publicity shots so freaky?

Pudge has some interesting stuff floating around his site, like that Mormon Masterbation Guidebook that's been e-mailed around the world 1,000,000,000,000 times (but is still funny) and freaky pictures. And has a link to Ooze.

Juggernaut Zine comes from Hanover College. It is humorous (and has a link to Ooze!).

Aeonflux's Internet Underground has a subversive link list, which includes Ooze.

Adam declared Ooze "defunct" a while ago (so what if we're a month and a half late each issue?) but has since ammended his ways.

The Psychadellic Shack caters to hippies, acid freaks, and other living paradoxes with their Jerry Garcia-inspired gear. Save up your falafel money for this stuff kids!

Deb's Free Speech Links honor the Ooze Government Protest with the respect that it's due.

Jim O' Donnel, who does the Acrobat version of Ooze, designed the SimCity 2000 Strategy Guide v2.0.

Reviews marked with a "X" previously appeared in net magazine from march-june '96.

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