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05/26/2005: "It takes all kinds"

First, even though Episode III is the last movie made, it is only the 3rd in the series of 6. So, the series does not end with Evil winning, Return of the Jedi is the end of the series and the forces of good win.

Second, I love the movies, but I'm intelligent enough to know that they are only movies. I don't worship them. I love the story line, the characters, and the whole universe that Lucas created. I also an a religious person, I go to church every Sunday and try to live my life according to the beliefs of my religion.

Are there extremists out there? Sure. There are for just about everything. You'll never get rid of them, and you will never convert them. That is what it is to be extreme. All you are really doing is pissing off the rest of us by lumping anyone who sees that movie as a bunch of satan/demon worshipers.

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