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05/26/2005: "Prank Site"

music: rhythmic thumping of neighbor sex
mood: horny as a priest on sunday

Just a thought fellow posters: If you're not sure it's a prank site, don't guess because you look extra stupid when you guess wrong. Instead why not look at the address bar of your browser next time... You know, it's the one at the top that says WHAT WEBSITE YOU'RE AT. If you do this, you will see that the parent site is . If you then navigate (I know it's hard, but hang in there) to this site and click on the "pranks" button at the top, you will see that your browser (see: address bar) is now at . Now what is that on the first page near the top? Why, it's a link to the toolofsatan page!! Go figure, huh? Well, better luck next time, and P.S. don't have kids, because if you do, you're just pissing in the gene pool.

Note to the prank site creator, while mildly entertaining for a few short moments, my dog shat out a better prank site yesterday.

Replies: 6 Comments

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on Thursday, May 26th, Howard said

Lemme See your Dogs Prank Site!!!! CMON! This site is too real to be funny, dood.

on Thursday, May 26th, Mildly Entertained said

Your dog shit a prank site? Where's the URL? It's amazing what some pets can do.