THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

December 2005

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Friday, December 23rd


music: Weezer - Hash Pipe
mood: Hysterical


You guys crack me up. You seriously do, you're like Saturday Night Live or something. You need to learn that Star Wars is Fiction, and not reality. You're as bad as the Naturlists and stuff, rofl.


Give me Jesus Points.
Reader on 12.23.05 @ 07:43 AM PST [link]

Thursday, December 22nd

I am a Jedi and I am offended!

music: John Lennon
mood: Disheartened

I thought Christians were to busy killing Jews and Muslims to be starting a fight with Star Wars and the Jedi. It is crap like this that has forced me to leave Christianity to become a Buddhist/Jedi. I am sick of all the hate that these “children of God” spew out of their mouths. It makes me sad think that these sick people are raising their children to hate those who are different. I hope you sad people can find peace in your lives; May the Force be with you.

Chris B.

Reader on 12.22.05 @ 02:10 PM PST [link]

Monday, December 12th

holy crap, I think everything you said is amazing

HOLY SHIT I WAS LYING! First of all, Star Wars is a mother fucking movie. If you're so enraged that you have to start your own relgious cult to discredit a fictional work of art such as this movie, then you need to take a good look at yourself and look at how fucked up you yourself are. Are these the type of actions your God would want you to do? what ever happened to fucking harmony and shit you assholes. You guys are probably just jealous because George Lucas gets laid ALLLLLL the time and no woman will ever see your microscopic penis's. Your attempt for spite against this man that has brought so much joy to this otherwise dull world will go unnoticed. Seriously... do you get anything that's NOT hatemail? I say no. You're lucky the force isn't real, because if it was I would take my dark jedi lightsaber and shove it up your stupid anal retentive assholes. fuckers. If you're going to start discrediting something, why don't you start with that god awful movie Star Trek? there's your blasphemy. Jesus H Christ, did you ever think about the god damn teleportation devices? you think those things work? NO. they fucking disintigrate the fuckers and send a soulless copy of them to whatever planet they're going to. Is THAT in god's fucking design? I think not. And while we're at coming up with pointless things to say God doesn't want, I wish I had a fucking unicorn. that'd be badass. You better be glad that you didn't come to my Star Wars premier, because you would have been fucking mob lynched, and hung by the Star Wars banner at the top of the theater. Fuck you, you stupid assholes. If I ever find you, I'll fucking shit in your mouth, then have you shit that out, and then force you to eat that shit, which is composed of shit that I previously made you eat. Who gives you the right to start your own religion, you soulless bastards. what, the other ones aren't good enough for you?

p.s. please contact us later about joining your wonderful cult. we're very interested...... fuckers
Reader on 12.12.05 @ 05:26 PM PST [link]

Tuesday, December 6th

Star Wars

Look. Assuming that you want to take this argument at face value, it's not about the CONTENT of Star Wars, but the fact that Star Wars promotes a way of thinking that excludes Jesus. Some people find this potentially offensive as many people have a hard time distinguishing Fantasy from Reality. the same could be said for the Christian Narnia movies that are comming out. But does CS Lewis think you are going to literally worship a Lion?

I think not.

In other words, DON't think literally. It will really mess with your head.

Concerned with Everyone
Reader on 12.06.05 @ 12:49 AM PST [link]